Genevieve Nnaji Super star actress Genevieve Nnajiwas not always a lesbian. In fact, she has a baby girl Theodora Chimebuka Nnajito show for her sojourn with a man when she was barely 18 years. But that is all long ago, the new Genevieve is a hardcore closet lesbian can authoritatively reveal!We cannot say whether it was because of hernot very palatable experience withmen or just to follow the current trend among upscale young ladiesin Nigeria. From our investigation,Genevieve started active noticeable lesbianpractices from 2006. It will be recalled that the alleged father of her baby one Dotun Oladipo AliasAcura has come out around that period to state vehemently that he will not accept Genevieve’s accusation thathewas the father of the baby untila DNA paternity test is carried out.Thetest was not carried out and the moral and financial burdenof raising beautiful Chimebuka rested squarely on poor Genevieve. No doubt the burden may have been too much and maybe generated a psychologicalcomplex and hatred for men. We are not judging her but her challenges appear to have led her to seek comfort in the arms of women and probably started loving it. image.aspx?img=Y29udGVudC9jb250ZW50L2RiYD banj dated Genevieve Ever smart and secretive, she triedvery hard to hide her activities and thoroughly vetted girls beforetaking any step of approaching them. Her strategy was very effective until Nollywood girl Rukkyat Sanda more popularly known as Rukky Sanda came into the picture. Rukky was not the type of girl to put anything under wraps. She practically went to town telling anyone who cared to listen how Genevieve has been nice to her. A very popular incident is her well documented adulation of Genevieve over a shoe gift of $450 ! A very embarrassed Genevieve wastakenaback by Rukky’s open show of affection for her and she quietly and systematically started distancing herself from Rukky,butnot before she has literally brokenthe bank to ensure Sanda’s comfort. While the relationship lasted, Rukky made the most of it emotionally andfinancially. After Rukky, Genevieve slowed down a while before Nkechicame i nto her life. With Nkechi, she appeared to have found a soul mate. They 
have been going steady till date.

Genevieve and Rukky Sanda To close associates we spoke to, Genevieve is not really crazy aboutgetting married to a man anytime soon. Since her new found relationship with women she seems to have lost emotional connection to men totally and justsees them as mere biological objects. This situation contributedtothe collapse of her famed relationship with D banj. D banj we learnt confided to close friends that his relationship with Genevieve lacked emotional connection in spite of all his efforts. As one of Nigeria’s best actress es and our foremost export material, we appeal to her to try and bury the pains of her disappointments with some men in her past andgive some other new guys a chance to really love her. She deserves to take her place with other notable and outstanding successfullymarried actresses like Omotola and co . She remains our hero in all her endeavors no matter her decisions. 

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