Do You Agree? First Born Daughters Are Most Likely to Succeed - Research

According to a new study conducted by the University of Essex, girls who are first born are more likely to succeed and be acheivers..They took a cue from some of the world's most powerful and successful
women like J.K. Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé Lead researcher Feifei Bu said:
‘There are several possible explanations for the higher attainment and ambition of the eldest.It could be that the parents simply devote more time and energy to them – it could be they are actually more intelligent. 

For me, I tend to lean towards the theory that parental investment is possibly at work here.’ 

They are 13 per cent more ambitious then firstborn sons,But firstborn boys – such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush – were next in line for success. The report – Sibling Configurations, Educational Aspiration and Attainment – followed 1,503 sibling groups and 3,532 individuals through the British Household Panel Survey and its successor, Understanding Society.
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