Italian murder trial stopped after judge spots court staff having sex

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A judge suspended a murder trial after spotting two court staff having sex during the hearing.

Stunned Anna Ivaldi asked the prosecutor to stop speaking after she looked up and spotted the couple writhing in ecstasy.
They had thought the smoked glass they were behind would mask their steamy antics but the eagle eyed judge could still see them.
Judge Ivaldi ordered the trial in Genoa, Italy, to be stopped while the two employees had their passion brought to an abrupt halt.
Witnesses said prosecutor Sabrina Monteverde had just begun summing up in the case of Moroccan born Yassin Mahmod who is accused of murdering a tramp in the Italian port city last year.
A court source said: "The summing had just begun when the judge heard strange noises, looked up and saw the outline of two naked bodies.
"When everyone looked it was quite clear what was going on - they were having sex.
"They obviously thought because the glass was dark they would not be seen. The judge suspended the case and had the two people clawed away.
"They are both court admin staff but they have not been named. It’s a bit delicate as one of them is married."
A spokesperson for the court in Genoa said: "Proceedings in a murder case were temporarily halted after the judge noted a disturbance.
"The matter was dealt with and an investigation has been launched so as a result it would not be appropriate to comment further."

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