Prophet TB Joshua Delivers Notorious Liberian Drug Lord Emmanuel Fahnbulleh

prophet t.b joshua heals Emmanuel Fahnbulleh
National Liberian newspaper, ‘The New Republic’ has recounted an uncanny story of how one of Liberia’s most notorious drug lords by the name of Emmanuel Fahnbulleh gave up his criminal activities after praying with Nigeria’s Prophet T.B. Joshua on his highly popular television station, Emmanuel TV.

Ironically, it was a Nigerian who introduced him to the shady business 18 years ago, just as it was a Nigerian who was used by God to rescue him. Here is the full report
In a rather unruffled and undisturbed state of mind, Emmanuel Fahnbulleh divulged his long-running obsession with being one of Liberia's most dangerous and feared drug dealers, distributors and users. 
Fahnbulleh, who said he is now converted, has been in the field of selling drugs of all sorts to Liberians for eighteen years before God arrested and transformed him. His case is similar to that of Saul who was arrested on the road to Damascus and transformed to an abiding believer of the Lord. 
Yesterday, Fahnbulleh told Power TV's phone-in talk show how bad he was during his drug-dealing spree, bragging that he was matchless in his field.
But as conscience is said to be a judge of every man, so the converted drug dealer realised his errors and offered a heartfelt apology to the nation and those who might have been affected in one way or the other by his drug dealing activities...
Emmanuel Fahnbulleh
I want to first of all in this public manner apologize to the nation, my brothers and sisters out there who my drug deals might have affected in any way, to go against one another in the homes. I have been one of the major, major, major contributors of that problem," he said in a very unassuming manner.

Fahnbulleh, who provided historical background about how he got baptised into drug dealing, said it was a Nigerian national who wooed and changed him into one of Liberia's most feared dealers.

"It all started in 1996, just before the April 6 crisis, when I came across my own satan. This Nigerian fellow I met that day was my own of encounter with the devil, because he was like my devil," he said, while at the same time distancing himself from having any physical contact or interaction with the devil.

He said he called the Nigerian 'devil' because his intervention in his life thwarted his academic brightness as an upcoming student in the community. "When this guy came in the community, he came across me and called me to come. He said to me, 'You are a smart kid; you can push this thing'. He gave me the first 10 kilograms of cocaine. At that time, my brother, you could not sell 5 grams of cocaine in Liberia a day because it was not easy," Fahnbulleh divulged.

In spite of the roughness and hardness of the market at the time for reasons he did not say, he noted that he was able to distribute at least 60 grams of cocaine every day.

Through the grace of God, the self-proclaimed drug pusher explained he is now a Christian and worshipping with the Trinity Healing Temple of Jesus Christ, which is led by Mother Esther B. Davies.

Fahnbulleh, who also explained how his conversion came about, said, "It was around the month of April, about the 23rd, 24th this year when one of my friends came by and said to me, 'Emma, why can't you watch this TV station of Pastor T.B. Joshua (Emmanuel TV)? You might get something from there."

In a rather rushed fashion, he said he tuned to the TV station and the first thing he saw was the man of God praying for viewers. He heard T.B. Joshua say, "I command whatever that is in you that is not of God to come out right now!"

At that moment, Fahnbulleh said his entire life dramatically changed. "I could not do anything; I did not know what I was doing at that moment."

Right away, he explained further, he was touched to give back all the illegal drugs in his possession, including a huge pack of cocaine worth US$1,500. "I called everybody to come for their things; I told them I did not want money from them again because I did not want to have anything to do with drugs," he said.
Fahnbulleh has now joined the campaign to make Liberia a drug-free nation, in consonance with the drug law of the Republic of Liberia.

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