Water Distributor Who Rapés Married Woman Caught In the Act [PHOTO)

water distributor, Samaila Abubakar, who specialises in rough handling married women has been arrested and handed over to the police. According to residents, the 45-yearold water vendor, Samaila, who is a father of nine children and a husband of four wives normally operates during early morning hour of prayer when the women's husbands are in the mosque praying.

Residents of the area said he is ruthless: 
“During the day, the suspect goes round the area for his water business but at dawn he sneaks into women apartments which are strictly for them according to our religious practice and this is when men have gone to the mosque for the dawn prayers. He uses knife to threaten women so as have his way”. 

On his part, Alhassan Aliyu, a husband to one the victims, said his wife was forced to put to birth following the action of the notorious Samaila.
“The first time he attacked my wife was last year while she was forced to deliver premature baby because of fear. One day, I was about to go to the mosque for dawn prayer and I met the water vendor by the gate and I was scared but I didn’t know who he was but I eventually left to the mosque. Unfortunately, he came back after he realised that I had left; he entered my house. The next voice I heard was my wife who started screaming... 

"The suspect always operates with a knife. Thank God she did not sustain any injury.” He said that because of the ‘terrorist water vendor’, he had to abandon his business trips. 
Samaila was arrested in the Gabarsawa Quarters area of Kano State. His actions became worrisome to them and this made them dress a boy like a woman who laid down in a room, pretending he was sleeping. As the boy was in the room, the water vendor entered into the room and while trying to carry out his usual operation, he was caught and handed over to Hisbah officials who in turn handed him over to the police. 

Another victim, Yusuf Yunus, said that “there was a time when the suspect attempted to enter his house, adding “he was using torchlight to illuminate my gate but the moment he saw me, he ran away. But another day he came and tried to force himself into my house and my wife saw him and she started shouting, “who is there, who is there”, and he ran away”. 

A source said: “There was a time the suspect attacked a lady selling akara and akamu, but however the lady said she was not ready to go to court and pursuing the case, but this time around many relatives of those victims are ready to testify against him.”

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