Why People Think I Am Rude–Toyin Aimakhu

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Yoruba Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson, has expressed her sadness over the way she is being perceived in the industry as a bad girl which has now become an identity in the lip of some fans.

The actress, in a chat, described herself as a nice and easy going person who only interprets her movie role the way it should be and leaves her normal life outside the set.

“I am a nice, friendly and accommodating person; I am not harsh or aggressive like people say. All I do is act and interpret my role. I love my private life a lot. I believe in honesty and perseverance. I play a lot; I don’t lie to myself and as such I don’t go beyond my limit. I also believe in timing,” she explained.

“When I just got in the industry, I had problems with some people. They felt I was rude. It is not that I am rude. It is the way I was brought up. In my house they allow us to express ourselves freely. Even with my father, you have the right to express yourself. They wanted us to be bold and that is it. That was my upbringing,” she added. 

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