A Zoo Tragedy: White tiger mauls man to death inside Delhi Zoo(VIDEO)

White tiger kills youth at Delhi zoo: New video surfaces

A new video surfaced on Wednesday showing a 200-kg white tiger mauling and killing Maqsood Khan, 20-year-old boy, after he accidentally fell into the animal’s enclosure in the Delhi zoo on Tuesday.

The horrifying incident was witnessed and captured live on many cameras. The nail-biting video sent jitters among the viewers.

The video shows that perplexed by the situation the victim is seen making a frantic mercy plea before the tiger. But the stone-pelting act by onlookers and a guard troubled the big cat, named Vijay, standing a few inches away from the victim.

The animal jumped on the youth, held his neck and dragged him inside the enclosure.

Graphic Video

However, Delhi zoo officials blamed the victim a day after the incident, saying Maqsood was stopped by guards twice before he jumped into the enclosure.

Zoo spokesperson, Riyaz Ahmed Khan said, “The man who jumped is responsible for this entire incident. He has been a mental patient for four years.”

Reportedly the spokesperson said, “The guards did not have any time to carry out their basic security protocol. It takes time to load a tranquilizer gun. The animal got disturbed by the crowd. The guards tried their best to control the crowd.”

-Deccan Chronicle

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A Zoo Tragedy: White tiger mauls man to death inside Delhi Zoo(VIDEO)
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