Barclays Bank to introduce finger scans instead of PINs


Barclays is to provide its UK corporate banking customers with finger vein biometric authentication devices that will let them “easily access their online bank accounts and authorise payments within seconds, without the need for PIN, passwords or authentication codes.”

A portable scanner will be plugged into the computer’s USB port and uses near-infra-red light to check the unique pattern of veins inside the finger.

Only a ‘living’ finger is accepted by the scanner, reducing the risk that fraudsters will use substitutes or copies to break into a bank account.

It is said that the biometric reader will first be made available to Barclays corporate customers starting from next year onward, and it remains to be seen whether it will eventually make its way to the ordinary home user. Of course, some time after the corporations have had their fun would most probably be when the green light would be given for the masses to enjoy this biometric reader.


Barclays Bank to introduce finger scans instead of PINs
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