PEJU & KOLA Breathtaking Colorful Wedding

Whoever says romance is dead clearly never met PEJU & KOLA. Their love story began on the 17th of March 2009 in Dublin Ireland.

We meet in Dublin in O’Connell street on St Patricks Day 17th of March 2009, I have always heard gist about how interesting the St Patricks Parade is in the city an all so my friend convinced me to let go and watch it for the first time something different you know and plus she has been chatting with this fela and they planned to meet up at the parade. We took the train into the city because we live outside the city on arriving the scene was everything we had expected even better …Few hours later my friend‘s fela showed up not alone but with Akolawolemi , I won’t say its love at first sight but I did fancy him like wow his so cute…we exchange pleasantries and my friend’s fela suggested me and my friend should leave each other that I should talk to his friend while he talks to my friend after all we have travelled all the way together. We talked and talked, laughed we walked the whole town till our legs hurts then we decided to get something to eat so we went in to Super Macs but something happened of which till today I tease kola about, while we were about to place the order Kola excused himself that he needs to use the restroom and meanwhile my friend fela is outside talking to someone. so in my head when Kola hurried to the restroom I thought to myself “does he think I am going to ask him to pay for my food” but God proved me wrong as I was getting out my wallet there was Kola and he offered to clear the bill and I bluntly refused but he didn’t give up so I had to let him because the waiter was already running out of patience. After our meal it was nearly time for us to catch the train back to our little town so my friend’s fela and Kola offered to walk us to the train station. We made it just in time and as we are about saying goodbye Kola requested for my number and I gave him but he wanted to confirm if it was the right number so he dialled the number immediately but unluckily for him my phone switched off on the spot because my battery is flat so he couldn’t confirm, we said good bye and we parted ways…… Kola couldn’t reach me until few days after we last seen each order in Dublin because by the time we got back home that evening I was just too tired so went straight to bed next morning woke up late the next morning and was already running late for lectures while I was rushing to charge my phone before getting into the shower my phone fell and the screen was completely gone, so I dressed and left for college, later in day took my phone to the repair shop and the guy I met there said its going to take 3days to fix it I had no choice than to wait… Meanwhile my friend told earlier on in the day while in college that his fela said Kola said I gave him a wrong number that he been trying to reach me blah blah that why will I do such a thing after stolen his heart away I decided to disappear like that, I just laughed and funny enough I had forgotten about him. To cut the long story short me and Kola finally got in touch and we took from there, I remember something he said on our first date he addressed me as his peace and that really got me, that statement changed everything for the better my heart melted on the spot couldn’t even hold back the tears from falling but glory be to God here we are today planning our wedding five years later. He is my world in him I have found true love, lifetime friend, brother and a father couldn’t ve wished for a better half. The Proposal It was on Valentines ‘s day 2013, he picked me up at the saloon and were heading to mine to get ready for our outing as we got into the car he said can u please close your eyes I refused at first demanding why but eventually I did and few minutes later he said u can open your eyes and I did and there he was on his knees outside with car door open asking will you marry me I was surprised but of course I said yes, I knew a day like day is coming soon because lately all Kola talks about is starting a family how many I will like to have u know things of that nature had been his main topic of discussion, just didn’t know it will be that soon. Few months later he said we need to start planning our wedding so we both informed our parents about our decisions they were happy for us and here we are set to married in few weeks…. The Groom I met Ademi on Paddy‘s day 2009 in Dublin city centre, I been living in the city for over three years at that time but never attended the parade until that very year. A friend of mine came visiting and he insisted we go and see the parade together and plus he is meeting up with a friend, I reluctantly accepted. We dressed up and head into town , after seeing the parade my friends said that his friend is around so can we please link up with them, I didn’t want to follow him at first but again I reluctantly followed him, getting there my mood changed dramatically immediately after I set my eyes on Ademi I felt something quite on usual couldn’t really explain it at that moment all I know just couldn’t wait to start talking to her, immediately my friend said I should talk to Ademi while he talk to his friend, I was so excited one would think I hit a jackpot or something , I was so eager to know everything about her, Ademi on the other hand was just so calm, very reserved as she didn’t say much but she smiled through the whole conversation at some point I had to ask her to stop smiling because its to effective on me, then she smiled again. After a long walk we all decided to get something to eat, so we headed straight to a restaurant on arrival I was very pressed so I excused myself to use the toilet but I made sure made it back in time before Ademi make payment because my friend was outside talking to someone, luckily for me I made it back in time but to my greatest surprise she refused to let me pay but as man I didn’t give up either but eventually she had to let go because her friend persuaded her to let go. That very moment changed everything all that in my mind is how am going to make her mine throughout the whole meal I was just imaging our life together at some point I said to myself I think am in Love. The evening came to an end and its was time for Ademi to leave again I felt something strange its like something is about to depart from me so I persuaded them to stay a little bit long but they insisted they have to go then I requested for Ademi s number out of curiosity I dialled it immediately to confirm but its didn’t go through and I asked why and she said I battery just died I wasn’t convinced but i gave her the benefit of doubt, we said goodbye even though I wasn’t too happy saying it. My friend and I headed back home throughout the whole journey back I didn’t stop talking about Ademi and how I will do anything to make her mine, my friend was surprised because I don’t normally do that, the he said good luck she is a nice girl anyway. We got back home and its time for my friend to leave as well so he picked up his tins and drove off. Immediately I got back in I called Ademi but didn’t get through, tried all night nothing, I was so angry and feeling very frustrated couldn’t sleep all night. First the next morning I rang my friend to please ring his friend to ask if Ademi is ok and plus have been trying to reach Ademi to no avail. This went on for days which felt like years couldn’t concentrate much on anything even at work my colleague ask if everything was ok you know that how bad it was. Eventually I was able to reach Ademi on the fourth day, just her saying hello my inner peace was restored and it was for that very moment I promised myself never to let go, once u found your peace you don’t want to let go and where there is peace, there is God, love, joy, wealth name it the list is endless. We took it from there conniving her wasn’t too easy but I was determined not to let go she is my peace. At the beginning we don’t see each order much but we talked every day, as time goes on things got better our busy schedule loosen up a bit u know we started hanging out more and became inseparable till date and forever will be….. I am planning to walk down the aisle with my peace in few weeks time couldn’t have wished for a better half she is everything i have imagined her to be even exceeded my expectation it’s been such a long wait because I had the intension of doing this a long time ago but Ademi insisted it has to be after graduating, but the wait has been worthwhile here i am today taking home my Peace…

Wedding Venue: National Museum Centre Onikan Lagos

Makeup Artist: Glam Touch

Photography by the Genius OLA ERE PHOTOGRAPHY

Dress:The Bridal Corner

Glasnevin Dublin Suits: Massimo Collections Grafton Street Dublin

From  SINGLELINK MAGAZINE CREW WE ARE Wishing the lovely couple wonderful married life!

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"We Met On St. Patrick Day" PEJU & KOLA'S Breathtaking & Colorful Wedding
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