Shocking Video - See the Helicopter that Crashed TB Joshua's Building in Lagos


Within minutes, a strange aircraft hover around the six-storey building being constructed as a guest house at the premises of Prophet TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church in Lagos. However, a secret CCTV camera caught the aircraft on all the moves it made over the building and moments later, the building crashed. All those in church were shocked as TB Joshua played the video for everyone to see.

He then released a strong warning that another similar incident is coming in Nigeria…
Warning that if people fail to take caution, it could be serious, TB Joshua said, “Let us believe, educate our people and be alert. Why? So our country will not witness a similar incident in another place.”

He proceeded to decry the attitude people had exhibited towards a much-publicised confession of an alleged Boko Haram member in The SCOAN in March 2014. “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail,” the cleric admonished. “We should remember the militant that came with his group to this church with a bomb. Upon televising it, they said it was a lie – but later discovered it to be true. The case is still with the security.”

The respected Prophet insisted that truth would prevail on the cause of the building’s collapse. In his words: “Right from the beginning of my life, people have been lying but they still come back to the truth. That is a good life – for people to lie against you first before they realise the truth. Here I am – I leave it for you to judge. I am a prophet. The security have a job to do.

Shocking Video - See the Helicopter that Crashed TB Joshua's Building in Lagos
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