Who should pay on a date?

I don’t really understand why men should always pay for a first date. Who started this “trend”, where did it come from, and what does it imply about our society?

According to Claire J. Vannette men have more money than women So they should be responsible for the bill.she further her point As long as “dating” has existed — that is, men and women spending time together to establish a romantic connection — the man has been expected to pay. This made perfect sense when women were barred from full participation in the economy. If a woman isn’t allowed to have a job, she has no wealth of her own, and can’t exactly take a guy out to dinner. Also, in societies where women are barred from full participation in the economy, men are expected to provide for women, so a woman looks for a guy who can provide for her.

In much of the world, women have de jure equality with respect to economic opportunity; we’re still lagging a bit behind in reality, but I think the gap is closing with time. At this point, it’s not assumed that men have more money than women. So there’s no practical reason for them to pay. Women who still expect men to pay are adhering to tradition. Men who don’t like that tradition should feel free not to follow it, and instead date women who don’t find that tradition appealing.

Do you Agree with Her?

Who should pay on a date?
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