Ariyike Akinyanju Reveals How She Copes Easily With Her Male Fans


Ariyike Akinyanju is an upcoming actress and a student of English Language at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu- Ode,Ogun State. In this interview with Tribune, she speaks on how she has been combining academics with her acting career and her fashion preferences, among other issues. Excerpts:

Growing up

Growing up was fun. I had a normal childhood like every other person but it was also a learning process for me. I had a lot to learn especially in terms of knowing right from wrong. I also learnt to be independent, to be zealous and to work hard in order to be successful. I was the family pet, as my name suggests “ARiYIKE”(child of care)  I am not the  first child nor the last and  I am definitely not the only child but I am special  and was treated as such.

Foray into acting

Acting has been a part of me right from my childhood, from the moment I began to recognise what it meant to imitate other people. Later, I started bringing imitation into reality. It was after my primary and secondary school education that my mum motivated me to go into acting professionally.

I watched a movie produced by Mr Adebayo Tijani in 2006 and fortunately for me, his number was displayed at the end of the movie. I called him and made my intention known to him and that was how the journey started under the tutelage of Adebayo Tijani.

Challenges faced when I started acting

There has never been any shortcut to success in life so, every profession has its own ups and downs. It was not rosy at all, but I thank God that whatever the level of the challenge at any point, I always scaled through with God by my side.

How I handle my male admirers

I handle them in a polite and humble manner. As for the persistent ones, the distance is always there, however, it is their problems not mine.

Marital status

I am single but not searching. My ideal man is one who is open and caring. My better half, the rib of my rib and bone of my bone. On when I want to tie the knot, what I can say now is soon. I can marry an actor, only that one of us will have to opt out because of the home.

Sex for role

It is a free world my sister, it is never a do or die affair. Just like every other organisation, we have lots of male and female who admire one another but as for me, Arike, I have never been a victim of such and I can say there isn’t a bit of truth in that. However, like I said earlier, it is a matter of choice. I am dating no one in Nollywood.

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Ariyike Akinyanju Reveals How She Copes Easily With Her Male Fans
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