"I've Autographed Many Boobs"-Sir Shina Peters

Sir-Shina-PetersLegendary Afro Juju Musician, Sir Shina Peters whose son is Nigeria’s renowned director,Clarence Peters, opened up to the SUN on crazy things fans have done to him ..The 56 year old said..

“On stage I do a lot of crazy things so if a male fan appreciates me with crisps naira notes it is no big deal because I have also done a lot for them. I am very close to my  male fans to the extent that we relate as one family.

“My female fans love me and that does not mean that I take advantage of them. I know that indeed they love me because they have done lots of crazy things to me.”

“They have done a lot of crazy things to me but that does not mean we are bed-mates. Women love me so much because I am an artiste that fights for women’s rights.”

Let’s know one crazy thing a fe­male fan has done to you?

Hmmm, I have autographed so many boobs.

When you wake up on the day of the show, what do you normally do?

That depends on my mood. I don’t do anything special. I may either eat or not. However, I could be going for a show and see a corn seller and ask my driver to park so I could buy and eat. But one important thing I do is that I don’t listen to any music on the day of a show because I don’t want to be influenced by any other music including mine; that helps me to stay focused.

You‘re quite energetic on stage. Do you take any stimulants?

No, I have never smoked or taken any stimulant in my entire life. Though I drink beer, I don’t take energy boosters. All the action you see on the stage is natural because I enjoy what I do.


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"I've Autographed Many Boobs"-Sir Shina Peters
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