How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught (Men's Secret Exposed)

We need to stress the importance of paying close attention to everything you do. One little slip up could cost you your marriage. Men get caught having an affair because they make one of these 3 mistakes…

  • Careless use of SMS and cell phone call logs

  • Pay for the affair with a shared credit card

  • Don’t delete IM chat history

Women are very sneaky and untrusting. They also have a great sense for knowing when their husband is up to something. If they think you might be sleeping around, they’re going to start paying attention to every step you make. They’ll go through your SMS, Instant Message and call logs. And you better believe they’re going to go through your bank statements to see if there are any suspicious transactions on there.<

If everything checks out fine and she doesn’t find anything, you’re in the clear. She’ll be pleasantly surprised and will believe she was wrong in assuming you were having an affair. Most men make one of the above mistakes. And women know this. Men are horrible at hiding things. Women know to search through IM, SMS, phone call, and bank logs to prove he’s been having an affair. It’s your responsibility to have an affair without getting caught by following this affair strategy…

SMS and Call Log Deletion: Every phone is different so we advise you Google “Deleting SMS and Call logs from (insert phone name)” if you don’t already know how to. Every time you chat via text or call, delete the message. If your wife sees a number she’s not familiar with on your phone, you’re going to have to come up with an excuse as to whom it was. To avoid getting caught, tell your fling to never call or text you until you’ve given her the indication it’s safe to contact you first. You can do that via Instant Message, which brings us to our next affair tips…

Instant Message Deletion: GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, and AIM are all very popular ways to communicate. We feel this is a better way to chat with a woman than text because it’s more difficult for your wife to access your IM chat logs. After every communication between your fling, delete the chat log. It’s easy to do and you’d have to be a complete fucking moron to not be able to figure it out. When the messenger platform asks if you’d like to “save username and password”, never check the box. This should be obvious but men still make this mistake. Either he’s an idiot or is being careless.

Paying For Your Affair: We aren’t suggesting you get a hooker! But having an affair does come with a price. Well, it comes with a price in two ways if you’re not careful! Basically, your wife should never see anything on your bank statement that would make her question whether or not you spent the money on some ho. Married men don’t just randomly stay a night at the local Days Inn. This expense should NEVER show up on your credit card. Also, she knows when you’re going out to the bar with your friends. She’ll remember the date. So if there is a purchase at the local pub on a date you weren’t out with friends, your ass is in trouble. So here’s what you’re going to do

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How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught (Men's Secret Exposed)
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