10 Worst Breakup Excuses of All Time

10 Worst Breakup Excuses of All Time

As human beings have always found it hard to tell off the people we are not ready to be with or no longer want to be with at all. That’s why we invented breakup lines. There are some lines which are satisfactory but some are just stupid. Even though they are foolish lines, you’ll still hear them from majority of people Here are some of them.

It is not you, it is me, you deserve better

These words are supposedly meant to make you feel better about yourself, so you would think the problem is with the person saying it hence you end up just letting them go. This is one of the oldest and the most used breakup lines yet it stays trending.   The truth is when you hear this line from someone, it simply means one thing, “It is actually about you.”

I am not ready for a relationship.

If the person saying this wasn’t ready for a relationship, they wouldn’t be with you in the first place. What this line actually means is that the relationship wasn’t what they expected..When someone tells you this, it means you are no longer appealing.

If the person wasn’t really ready for a relationship, they would have told you up front and not lead you into believing they want you or want a relationship with you.

I am too busy right now, I don’t have time for anything serious.

If you like a person you always find the smallest time to be with him or her no matter how busy your schedule is. In fact, you are always eager to get off your busy schedule and be with this person. .

So when your partner tells you they are too busy for something serious, it means they are not taking you seriously or you are simply not worth being taken seriously..

I am still young and trying to find my feet

I csnt continue with this relationship because i wanted to have a career.

It’ said that relationships are the best place to find your feet. Nothing beats that push or drive that a partner who cares for you can give you. You can both talk about life, career and your goals while you give each other the much needed push.

We need to break up because my dog keeps barking at you. I think he’s trying to tell me something.

I love you but I’m not “in love” with you

My brother’s garage door hit his head so you and I should break up.”

I am Allergic to You

So when people asks for space to concentrate on themselves it’s always just a lame excuse.

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10 Worst Breakup Excuses of All Time
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