Bad-Mouthing Your Husband in Public Is A Good Way to Ruin Your Marriage


Praising your spouse in public is one of the most important investments you can make—in your family and in your leadership

When you and your spouse have a fight, or your spouse continues to do something that grates on your nerves, or maybe they have just let you down and you go to work or meet up with friends and family and you start in with, “You will not believe what a lazy bum my husband is.”  You play the victim and make sure that everyone listening is in total agreement with you, that your spouse is worthless and you have been royally mistreated.  Now your friends and family members love you and they are going to readily agree that you deserve better.  You have now permanently colored their impression of your spouse.  Long after you have gotten over this incident and moved on they will still view your spouse through those negative impressions.  Because they have no way to resolve the issue and alter their negative feelings regarding your spouse.  Then the next time you get together with those same friends or family and you have something positive to say about your spouse they raise an eyebrow and wonder how you can say that about that lousy spouse.  Now they not only have a negative impression of your spouse but they are beginning to wonder about you.

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Bad-Mouthing Your Husband in Public Is A Good Way to Ruin Your Marriage
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