I Admire Jewelry, But I Don't Wear It - Doris Simeon

Popular Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, tells Ademola Olonilua about her style

How do you maintain your skin complexion?

Many people may not believe if but I do not use body cream. If I have to, it largely depends on the weather. I only apply cream during the dry season and also when I travel outside the country. I thank God for His grace and blessings. If I realise that I am getting stressed, I travel out of the country to rest for a while especially when the weather is cool abroad. I seize the opportunity to take care of myself and my skin.

Why do you always apply light make-up?

It’s because I don’t want to look too flashy. I would say the shape of a person’s face and the skin tone to determine the kind of make-up to put on. You don’t have to follow a fashion trend. You have to look at your skin texture and the event you are attending to determine the kind of make-up you apply. I don’t believe make-up should be too flashy or loud and that is why I apply light make-up.

What influences your fashion and style?

I am a simple person. I love my clothes to be comfortable on me. I wear shoes with low heels a lot because I like to walk around and they are very comfortable. Even when it comes to driving, it is easier to drive with them. But when it comes to attending events, I wear shoes with high heels and I comply with the dress code of the event.

While growing up, were you fashion conscious?

Yes I was. When I was young, I didn’t follow trends or whatever was in vogue then. I remember that back then, I would usually opt for outdated trends just to look different. I always loved to be unique. I watch a lot of fashion programmes and I read a lot of fashion magazines. I also watch foreign movies to have an idea of what would suit me fashion-wise. When Nigerian designers began making beautiful pieces with the Ankara fabric, I loved it and embraced it. I have always loved fashion. I have always loved to look good and I have always wanted to style people so that my name can be mentioned as a trendsetter.

What kind of clothes are you comfortable in?

To be honest, there is no attire that I am not comfortable in.

Often times ladies expose their cleavage and wear body hugging skimpy dresses. As a role model in the society, what is your take on this fashion trend?

I would not criticise people for that because if they are comfortable with it, then it is okay. But I think it is absurd to wear such to places you are not meant to wear them to. Also, I don’t see why you should dress in such a manner because people are wearing such especially for an event or social gathering. If it is something that was made for a particular event, then it is okay.

Being a fair-skinned lady, has your complexion put you at an advantaged position?

I don’t think so; it is all about people’s choice. I have had situations whereby people prefer dark-skinned ladies. Being fair in complexion is just too flashy, I am grateful the way God created me but sometimes I see something on my skin and wish I was dark in complexion. To me, being fair draws unnecessary attention, it just makes noise.

How come you do not have any tattoo?

I am not a fan of tattoos because of the nature of my job and my background. I thank God because He knows why he created me this way, so why would I want to put anything on my body? The only thing I can do is to make my hair, take care of my skin and maintain it, that’s all.

If you had an opportunity to alter your body, which part would it be?

I don’t think I would want to change anything about my body, maybe my stomach because it got bigger after giving birth. I would want to have a sexy flat stomach.

What part of your body do you see as an asset?

The first is my complexion and I think my hips too.

What is your fashion weakness?

Shoes and wristwatches. I love them both. Despite the fact that I don’t really like wearing shoes with high heels all the time, I buy them a lot.

How many wristwatches do you own?

I have lost count but I believe it should be above hundred even though some of my friends and younger ones take them.

What is your opinion on Nigerian fashion designers?

I am proud of my country and the creative minds we have. I would proudly wear our products if they are nice. Even if they are not, I can work on them to align with my taste and people would love them on me. As long as they are good, I would definitely patronise them.

You hardly put on jewellery, why?

To me, it is a burden, it seems like a load on me. Occasionally I wear them for events but it is a burden to me. It is not that I don’t buy them, I like them but I am a very casual person and that is why I opt for small and simple pieces. I wear them once in a while.

What is the fashion item you cannot leave home without?

I think it is my wristwatch. I can go out without make-up but not without my wristwatch. I always time myself when I go out.

What is your favourite hairstyle?

I love curly hairstyles and fortunately for me when I was growing up, my hair was very curly. That is why I love carrying my natural hair, once in a while, I may decide to fix my hair.

Is your son showing traits of being a fashionista?

Yes. Already, he loves wristwatches and he shows them off whenever he wears them. He also loves wearing a clean shirt with jeans and he does not like native attire. He likes to be neat and clean and if anybody wants to touch him, he would say, ‘don’t touch my clothes.’

Has your career in any way influenced your style?

It has boosted it.


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I Admire Jewelry, But I Don't Wear It - Doris Simeon
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