Why You Should Never Date Your Colleague


Dating a coworker may seem like some sort of corporate sexual adventure,but trust us, it’s not. Chances are, if things go bad, dating a coworker can become a day time nightmare. There’s an age old saying, “You don’t poop where you eat.” and dating at work is doing just that. You don’t want to end up on the bad end of a work place romance, and if you need further convincing, take a look at these seven reasons you should never date a coworker.

Keeping it secret In order to preserve your work environment, it’s a necessity that you at least try to keep your dating life secret. Trust, that this is no easy task. People always want to know other people’s business. It’s the nature of the human species and the reason reality T.V. is so huge. Anyway, it’s quite taxing and probably not worth all the trouble to keep a work place romance concealed. You’d be better off dating a girl in the office down the hall. At least you can duck her if things go bad.

Nosey people The work place is like a fishbowl. Everybody wants to know everybody else’s business. Think about it. The girls in Data Entry gossip about the guys in Accounting. The I.T. guys are bad mouthing the Operations workers. Dating a coworker is like giving your work companions and up close and personal reality show, and you’re the star.

Reputation shift Before you started dating her, people in the office came to you because you were an expert in your field. Openly dating you coworker will transform you from an honors employee to horn-dog. Negative attention is bad attention in the work place. If people don’t take your seriously in the professional realm, you’re done.

Personal stuff at the workplace Another career killer is the time bomb of personal affairs exploding in the office place. Not saying that it will happen, but it could. Imagine how bad it would look if you got caught fighting with your little lady friend in the office. Forget about the nosey people. You need to be thinking about management. Personal eruptions are never cool in the work place. They’re also the easiest way for you to end up packing a little white box and being asked to leave.

Boredom Come on, who wants to see the person they’re dating all day, everyday? You’re stuck with her for 40 hours a week at least. Then you have to see her on the weekends too? When do you get a break? Constant proximity is the quickest way to killing a relationship. So why bother dating a chick you work with? The allure will die out soon enough anyway.

Work place jealousy What if you moved up in the company and she’s stuck filing papers? What if she climbs the professional ladder and you’re delivering mail. Either way it goes, work place competition is about as common as six footers in the NBA. Competing with the person you’re dating may not work out so well.

Break up Nothing is guaranteed, especially relationships. If and when this articular hook up fails, you’ll be stuck looking at this chick at work. Forty grueling hours a week she’ll be right there. There’s nothing you can do about it either… unless of course you’re getting job offers from other places. Yes, it’s better that you never date a coworker in the first place. Save yourself the hassle.

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Why You Should Never Date Your Colleague
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