Driverless Office-Car! Good or Bad Idea? Check It Out.

A new office-car is about to be tested in the US! Google’s driverless cars are already being tested on Californian roads – and a design agency has just raised a horrifying spectre about what these things might really mean for your working day. Specificially, in the concept video produced by design agency IDEO, driverless cars become ‘offices on the go’ – meaning you’ve got another two hours for meetings with colleagues you loathe, instead of staring out the window listening to music.

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The idea, says IDEO, is that the workplace will ‘commute to you’ – and then whisk you off into a wonderful world of meetings before you’ve even woken up properly.

‘WOW [Work on Wheels] pods might occupy a location between two offices, splitting travel times for both teams,’ say IDEO’ ‘Or it could be parked by a site-specific project, like a building under construction.’


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Driverless Office-Car! Good or Bad Idea? Check It Out.
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