[Heart Melting] Couple Shares Their Love Story With SingleLink Magazine


How we meet: The first time we meet was 7years ago , we met at pop in city centre. He made a bold step to speak to me, but I did not gave him a chance.somehow he got my number from someone, and he ringed my phone, and said he want ours to be friends. I gave a chance and we be came so close.

Oneday, I had to ask why he calls me all the time? And he said he feels so happy when talking to me.

After 2 years of our friendship he cameout to tell me to marry him .I gladly agreed becos am expecting that after all………. and he propose before my family and his on 3rd November 2011. And was my most wonderful moment.

Groom : I met my friend , sister, father , mother wife some years back .the very first day I met her I just like her personallity. She look takeway.

I dont waste time getting close to her. I got her no and started making friend with her.at first she gave me wahala, but I belive I still have hope.

Oneday I decieded that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, becoz she is my confidant, lover and my protector,and I have seen love through her like Allah as describled what love is in Quran.I dont think I could have chosen to spend the rest of my life wit anybody else.

I Adekunle propose to my darling wife on 3rd Noverber 2011.That was the happiest day of my life.

Pictures and video by ola ere photography

More wedding pictures coming soon!

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[Heart Melting] Couple Shares Their Love Story With SingleLink Magazine
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