Things You Can Do To Save And Strengthen Your Relationship


Every relationship has its own flaw, It is possible to save a relationship even if you seem to be the only one who is trying to fix the myth.

That’s because these seven tips will make your partner ALSO want to stop the breakup from happening, and the best part is, you can do these Seven Things To Save Your Relationship together. See them below:

1 – Suspend Your Emotions – When we are emotional we say trashy things, make hasty decisions, and do things we later regret. The sooner you suspend your emotions, the sooner you gain control and the sooner your partner will calm down.

2 – Talk Without Pointing Fingers – The breakup is happening, because you two can’t ever have a discussion without the blame and judgement games happening. Suspend your criticisms, judgements, and comebacks and have a discussion that’s void of all the negativity from your end.

3 – ASK Your Partner What Is Going Wrong – The fights are happening, because your partner feels they aren’t being heard; thus you can eliminate it by simply asking them what they think is going wrong. Hear them out, and listen, even when they criticize and judge you, because they simply just want you to listen for a change.

4 – Admit That You Need To Change – You’ve spent a lot of your time denying that you need to change by never admitting your mistakes, and by justifying your poor actions. Be humble and recognize openly to your partner that you need to change and ask for their input.

5 – Remove The Relationship Talks – Right now both of you are concentrating on everything that is going wrong with the relationship and it puts a lot of stress and strain on both of you, and on the relationship. Take some space and don’t discuss the relationship, and instead discuss each other individually and your individual goals for instance.

6 – Do A Check Up System – Give your partner a chance to tell you what to do, and let them tell you how they want you to do it. THEN, create a check up system wherein you check up with your partner to ensure that they are happy with your progress and that things are going the way they want finally. Giving your partner some control here will help them feel like it’s a two way street, instead of just a one way, wherein only YOU make the decisions.

7 – Tell Your Partner You Appreciate Them – He/she may feel like you don’t appreciate them enough. They may think you take them for granted, are not thankful, and simply don’t know everything that they sacrifice for you. Let them know that you appreciate them by telling them how and why you do, so that your partner can feel desired and appreciated again.

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Things You Can Do To Save And Strengthen Your Relationship
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