Foundation can do one of two things: if applied correctly, it will give you a smooth, flawless complexion that looks completely natural; on the other hand, get it wrong and you will look more like a clown on a night out! Foundation can be tricky to get right, so read these ten tips and find out how to make foundation look natural:

1. Prepare your skin first

Foundation over the top of dry, flaky skin won’t hide the problem; it will make it look worse. Create a smooth canvas for your makeup by exfoliation, to remove any dry skin, and then moisturising. This will help the foundation go on smoothly and it will also help to smooth out any lines or wrinkles.

2. Remove excess moisturiser

Another great tip on how to make foundation look natural is, before you apply any foundation, remove excess moisturiser with a cotton pad. Moisturiser can be left in the creases around your mouth and eyes and, foundation on top of that will make the creases more visible and makeup won’t last as long.

3. Find the right shade

Finding the perfect shade is another important tip on how to make foundation look natural. We’ve all seen the girls who have chosen the wrong shade of foundation, because you can clearly see the difference in colour between their neck and their face. To test a foundation for colour, try putting a bit on your jawline and compare that to your neck. Testing it on your wrist won’t work, because your face and neck are usually paler than the rest of your body.

4. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type

Your skin type can make a difference to what will make the best foundation for you as well. If you have oily skin, then oil-free formula will work best but, if you have dry skin, then look for a hydrating, cream based foundation.

5. Less is always best

Another  good tip on how to make foundation look natural is to follow the simple rule: less is best. You don’t necessarily need foundation all over your face, so use foundation only on those areas of your face that need coverage. Concentrate on areas that are red or have pimples to even out the skin tone, where appropriate.

6. Remember that your skin tone changes through the year

The colour of most people’s skin changes with the seasons. During the summer, your skin will be darker than in the winter, so it’s a good idea to have several shades of foundation at hand, so that you can mix and match to reflect the changes in your natural skin tone.

7. Add some colour

Foundation alone can look flat and unnatural, so add a touch of blusher to put some colour into your cheeks. Just a light dusting of colour, on the apples of your cheeks, will make the whole makeup look a lot more fresh and natural.

8. Go smaller with the tools

Take your time applying foundation and have some smaller brushes at hand, for those harder to reach spots. A common mistake with foundation is to miss bits, because you’re in a rush or your brush is too large. A smaller brush will allow you to get into those tiny areas around your nose and eyes, to make your makeup look simply flawless.

9. Check what it looks like, in the cold light of day

You want your foundation to look invisible, so that people think you have naturally flawless skin, but remember that what looks great under artificial lighting, may not look so good in natural daylight, so always double check how your makeup looks in natural light, before you go out.

10. Use a facial mist to set and freshen up your makeup

As you go through the day, your foundation can begin to look a bit tired. It’s always a good idea to carry a facial mist in your bag, so that you can give you and your makeup a refreshing spritz, whenever you need it.

What are your favourite tips on how to make foundation look natural?

Stay beautiful!

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