Why I Parted Ways With YemKem Boss – Labe Orun Presenter Segun Adisa


Labe Orun presenter, Segun Adisa and Yemkem Boss, Dr Akintunde Ayeni have been together for more than fifteen years. Their relationship dates back to the days when Adisa was presenting his programme on NTA Ibadan. Dr. Ayeni who has been the major sponsor of the programme for many years later invited Segun Adisa to relocate from Ibadan to start the programme in Lagos . Within a short period, Labe Orun became a house hold programme that people wait patiently for its fresh episode every week. However, few years after, Segun Adisa and Dr. Ayeni started having problems which according to Adisa were always resolved by MITV Boss, Alhaji Muri Gbadeyanka.

Late last year, the two had a big issue which led to Dr. Ayeni stopping Segun Adisa from going on air for the weekly programme. Eventually, Segun Adisa walked out of his arrangemet with Dr. Ayeni to start his programme afresh on LTV 8 with the a new name, Ibudo Labe Orun. The ace presenter was at City People round table last week and he opened up on all the crises that led to the end of his fifteen years relationship with the Yemkem boss.

What led to you moving Labe Orun from MITV to LTV 8?

What I am about to tell you today, if there is any way you would have wanted me to swear, I will be willing to because Dr. Akintunde Ayeni is not here, but I believe God is here and probably his own spirit is even here. I will never tell a single lie about him. And let me establish it clearly that, all that has happened has never eroded the natural love I have for Dr. Ayeni. But all I want him to understand is that, there is God and that no mortal being is indispensable. So, these are the facts I want him to understand. Thirdly, I want him or probably every other person in his shoes to understand the fact that money is not everything. In fact you may be educated or might have attended all the schools in the world, but what is important is how much of the school did you allow to pass through you. I know how many seniors I have served in the cause of trying to acquire education, because education tames you. True education will prepare you for a larger world, such that whoever you become later in life, you will still see your self as nothing.

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Why I Parted Ways With YemKem Boss – Labe Orun Presenter Segun Adisa
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