Five (5) Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup


Here are certain pointers that you should avoid so as to get through your breakup easily and without named as stalker or pyscho.

1. Do not vent on social networking sites: Yes, you have broken up and you are all out there venting out on social networking sites. Now if you are thinking that you pouring it all out on social networking sites, will get your ex’s attention then you are all wrong. Either they are going to ignore or unfriend you or even worst block you. Always make sure that you maintain your dignity and just discuss your woes with your close buddies.

2. Do not discuss your heartbreak with all: Heartbreaks are bad, and we all have been through it at some point in our lives. But don’t discuss these personal matters with everyone you meet. Only discuss with those who really matter the most to you, as others might not take your problems and pain in the right spirit.

3. Try and be friends with your ex: Let’s be honest here for a moment; the reason why you guys aren’t together is because of a reason. If you plan to be friends then be prepared that there might be instances where they would already start discussing their new relationships which is going to make you feel worse about yourself. Maybe after few years you can still think to be friends, but not immediately.

4. Drunk text him: Breakups brings along with it loads of drinking and whining sessions. And there are higher possibilities that you might call or text your ex in a drunken state crying and begging to get back or just so that you get laid with them. Do not do that and complicate things for yourself. It will be tough after a few drinks but do not let that deter you.

5. Not deleting their old texts and pictures: The very first sign of getting over your ex is deleting all pictures where they looked S3xy and you looked happy. No point of crying and wasting your energy on stuff that isn’t going to help you.

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Five (5) Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup
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