We Did Not Collect A Dime From Buhari- The Gallant Hephzibah Group


My name Is Emmanuel Tope Jemiriwon. I was born in Kogi State into the family of Mr and Mrs Jemiriwon. I was born and brought up in Kwara State and I had my primary education in the state capital Ilorin precisely.Our lady nursery nd primary school kulende estate Ilorin was my primary school. After my primary school education I went to secondary school outside Ilorin But still in Kwara state. I attended C$S secondary school Laduba. After that in which I traveled down to Lagos to complete my secondary education.That was 2005.After, some delays due to getting admission into the university.I went for A level IJMB. I got admission into the University of Maiduguri in 2008. Where I studied Physics. Now I’m serving my father’s land NYSC.Hoping and believing God to have my masters in Medical Physics.I love to athletes, swimming and to sing. The church I went to really helped me when it comes to music. The passion for music started since when I was young.The way some brothers in my church then lead praise and worship made me fall in love with singing.I can say the church lead me to music.


The group was formed by joke and passion in each and every member of the group. We just gather most times and express our passion. From there we decided to come together as a group. The meaning of Hephzibah is “a place were evil cannot enter ” So we decided to give it that name because we see how many music groups goes apart because of one problem or the other. All this problems are the Evil we never pray to enter our group. We are just 5 in number Tope, Kenny, Segun, Seun and Ifedayo.

What gave birth to the song you made for the presidential candidate Buhari?

Really we’ve Not done any but we have songs that we’ve not execute yet due to resources. I can say sai buhari song is the first song done together as a group with the available resources. We heard about the way GMB Eradicate corruption in his days as military president and the Nigeria of today is soak in corruption of which We believe he will do it again. The song was made because of the passion and the way Nigerians are clamoring for CHANGE!!!!


If the song eventually gets to buhari n he then decides to show a appreciation in one way or d other. How would u feel and what would you do?

Wooowww. It will the great ma. Change is a constant phenomena in life. We will continue to publicize and tell the world about the CHANGE!!!!. Sai Buhari Sai Baba!!

What is the reactions of your friends and families after seeing the video you made?

Actually, their reactions was funny. They were like are you now a politician? Are you been payed for this? Are you serious at all? Some say you don’t have work to do. Some laugh and laugh at me. Ma, it as been discouraging and challenging with what people are saying. But thank God for the spirit of unity in the group. We always believe we can do better and we are singing to please friends but for the progress of our father’s Land. My biological father called me when he saw the video and said please be careful.

Interms of challenges. Firstly, one of the major challenges we are facing is a kind of human relation. Ma,if you notice in our first video there was a guy that played d guitar and sang, he was not part of the group we invited him because the person that was to play that role was not around he’s in school. But to our surprise when he saw the acceptance of people towards the video, he stole the concept of the group and the music. Now went ahead to radio station and publicize himself with other group. This is discouraging and very painful when we heard it and people were calling us that our song is been played on a radio programme in Ibadan. But We saw it as a challenge on our path way to success, which is bound to happen. Even jobs of well known musicians are facing such problem so that CAN’T!!!! STOP US TO PROCLAIMING ND SINGING FOR CHANGE IN NIGERIA!!!!!!

Secondly, financial challenges. Our role model. KING SUNNY ADE Master of all beats. We took after him in music because he sings the heart of people and he has being a good ambassador of Nigeria when it comes to music.


What would you call the genre of your music? Juju? High life?

High life/ Hiphop.

What message do you have for you fans?

We appreciate our fans for their immense support. Please keep the love and support up we promise to keep you entertained and never to disappoint you. please expect more greater songs from us. Also big thanks to SingleLink International Magazine for their encouragement thank you so much and God bless all.

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We Did Not Collect A Dime From Buhari- The Gallant Hephzibah Group
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