Exclusive;I Never Dumped Sociology For Acting - Nollywood Actress Tolulope Oke


Tolulope Oke is one of the fast rising actresses in the Yoruba movie genre. And she is really serious about her craft Since she started out some years back. Tolu have featured in films like Eje by Tunde Usman(Okele) ,Dazzling Mirage by Tunde Kilani ,Awure Eni ,Agidi,Ijoba osekan and so on.

The up and coming actress cum movie producer during an interview with Singlelink Magazine on Friday, April 17, 2015, talked about her life and career, including her marital status which has been in doubt for long

How did you become an actor?

Acting has always been part of me since childhood, while I was unilag I met funsho adeolu who introduced me to the industry.

Did your parents disapprove your choice of career?

Of course they were not in support of it, especially my mum she wanted me to work in an office.

Why did you dump sociology for acting?

Well I didn’t dump sociology for acting cos they both deal with society. Sociology is the queen of society cause it deals with several issue and moreso there is sociology of everything(smiles) Acting/Drama deals with several social issues too.
How long have you been acting?

been acting for a while now say 10 years or so but not major role, u have an idea how it works in the industry




What are your challenges?

Challenge were pretty much and that’s one of the reason I decide to learn more about acting in the theatre. There is lots of craft in acting that’s makes acting beautiful(smiles)

Was there a time things got tough you wanted to quit?

There was never a time I wanted to give up because I had a foresyhte about it,let me say am more focus than earlier years and reason is because i was still schooling then.

Who is your role model in the industry?

Have got loads of them, am a feminist so I love all the women who has done so well for themselves. Ok… have got first five on my list. first mo Abdul ceo Ebony live tv she is great! Secondly is genevive nnaji ,thirdly is funke akindele she is one of the person that really inspire me in the acting world” anyone close to me knows I love her(Grin) thirdly is Rita Dominic fourthly is Tope Alabi can’t do without her song in a day lastly is Asha. These are women who has done so well for them selves. I draw inspiration from them.


What’s your childhood like?

Childhood was fun I am the only girl among two boys. I had a wonderful upbringing my parent never ever spare the rod especially my mama despite my skin colour she still cane me.

Were you a very popular student or a nerd?

Am never nerd, my skin colour makes me known anywhere I am ,so in a way I was known, and most time I sit down with guyz in class so I just stand out in a way.

What’s your relationship like with your mum?

My mama is bestie o… I talk about everything to her. although even as old as I am, am still scared of her cause she is no nonsense woman but I love her so much, reflecting back to past years I wonder what I would have done without her she is my goddess. We always have mother daughter rapour. I hate to follow for her shopping.

What are the biggest lessons you learnt from your parents?

I learnt so much from them. My parent made me know God. U know what the bible say about bringing your child uP in the ways of God, when they grow they won’t depart from it. They taught me how to be contended with whatever I have, they taught me self control. Although there were times I deviated but those things they Planted in me still kept me on track.

As a beautiful actress, how do you handle your male fans?

Male fans? I deal with them based on their Personality. Simple

Are you in a relationship?

Am not into any relationship for now.

You always look great on set; what’s your secret?

Secret sha? Notting extra ordinary. I just make it cool

What’s your advice for people who look up to you?

Those who look uP to me should look uP to GOD, HE is the only who can fix it. They should follow thier heart and stay focus, lastly your life is determined by the People you roll with cause they influence your thought and your life style.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Five years? I don’t know really. But there is this saying that’s says “where you look is where you go” I think that should be my guide. *smiles*. Thank you very much.







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Exclusive;I Never Dumped Sociology For Acting - Nollywood Actress Tolulope Oke
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