#GEJismyHERO-Read Open letter by Nigerian who lost 30 relatives to Boko Haram


“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. The outcome of the elections in Nigeria just proved it. I commend and respect General Muhammadu Buhari for the relentless effort he has put in all these years and that finally got him the presidency. A true testimony of one not ever giving in anything you do.

My utmost respect however goes to President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan. A true patriot and an Elder Statesman of Nigeria.

-Everything he promised he was going to do before the Elections, he fulfilled it overwhelmingly.

-He promised he was not going to sack Jega. He didn’t.

-He promised that he was going to to exterminate boko haram from the North Eastern Nigeria before elections. He did.

-He promised that he will not rig the Elections with the incumbency power. He didn’t.

-He promised that he will not contest the Elections. He didn’t.

He told Nigerians that his political ambition is not worth a single Nigerian life. He even went ahead to sign a peace treaty with the opposition and congratulated his opposition when he lost the Elections.

I am from Adamawa state. I personally lost almost over 30 relatives including my dad and my first cousins who were in the Army to Boko Haram. Before now I was really upset and had lost total confidence in the President.

He has just proved to not just me and when I say this, I am speaking on behalf of my people from Adamawa state. That he is a True patriot of this country and an honourable elder statesman. We sincerely thank him for all the effort he put in to save North Eastern Nigeria from Boko Haram.

Above all we sincerely thank him for showing a lot of us youths, politicians, students, actors, sportsmen and elders how to accept defeat gracefully and with pride.

Long Live President Jonathan, Long Live President(Elect) Buhari and Long Live Nigeria.”

….Mohammed Austin Dimas Yaduma Gundiri.

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#GEJismyHERO-Read Open letter by Nigerian who lost 30 relatives to Boko Haram
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