I have heard women say that men are the most complicated beings on earth which might be far from the truth only if they understand the things we want from them. It is quite unfortunate that most women think all that men want from them is S3x ( that might be true if you are a slut) but we actually require a whole lot of subtle things that we will never say.


Perhaps due to chauvinism, our Ego or alpha dominance traits, we find it difficult to express our innermost feelings to our girlfriends and spouses because we think it makes us weak. Sometimes however, we believe that our women have an understanding of these factors which unfortunately, they don’t most of the time. For this reason, I’d take a run down of seven things we require from women but we’d never ask for.

Respect and Admiration

Respect they say is reciprocal but this is one thing every man wants from his woman. You might be wondering what kind of respect your man requires from you, we simply want you to appreciate our ideas and thoughts and five us credit for our actions. You respecting and admiring us gives us a feeling of importance which is most importantly conveyed when you exhibit it. We love to be admired especially when it comes sincerely as the gesture may turn out bad if the admiration is insincere. We want to be constantly reminded of the things you genuinely admire about us through compliments.


We always like to be around the women we love. In our minds, we want you to tag along with us when we participate in certain activities we care about. It could be coming along to cheer us while we play football or sit and watch our favorite team play. The bottom line here is that we enjoy your companionship and want you to spend more time with us even though we won’t ask you to.

Look Stunning

Every man wants his woman to be the cytosine of all eyes when they go out on a date together. We want you to always look stunning and remind us why we fell for you in the first place. Not like we expect you to look like a beauty queen, but we want to feel like you put in an extra effort with your Hair, Makeup and appearance generally. It won’t be a bad idea to wear that gown we complimented you in for a date as that would thrill us and make us know you want to always look beautiful with us.


For all the effort we put into sustaining and making our relationships work, we need to be encouraged. More so, we want to be assured that our women believe in us have our backs as this is a good recipe to spur us on to achieve our desired goals. When we know the person we are with encourages us, we surely do the same by trusting and believing in them too.


Who doesn’t want to be recognised for the efforts they make? We are no exception as we want our women to recognise the roles we play in their lives and those of friends and family. It won’t be a bad idea if you mention how good and responsible we have been to the people in our lives. This spurs us on as we are barely noticed for the roles we play in the lives of the people around us.


Like every other human, we want to be appreciated. Telling us how much what we’ve done means to you can be expressed with a simple “Thank you”, smile or awesome S3x. This goes a long way in boosting our morale to do more.


If there is one thing we enjoy, it is freedom. We want to be able to do things on our own without our women spying on us even though we don’t expect it to occur all the time. We would appreciate you more I’d you gave us ample time to hang around our friends or some time to think and plan our future.


We expect whatever efforts we are making to better our lives to be supported by you. The feeling of knowing that our women have our backs is awesome and inspiring to say the least.

Lastly, we want you to always show us you need and want us as much as we do. Failing to express this has a negative impact on our confidence. Showing us you want and desire us as much as we do inspires us and creates a form of excitement in our relationship. This will surely make us have a lasting and fulfilling relationship.