5 Questions Men Should Think Twice Before Answering

Women are tricky. They are hard to understand and figuring them out is another task. They sometimes pose questions in a way to catch their men off guard. Therefore if I feel it’s safe for each man to be alert on how to handle some questions.
As a man it’s necessary to know that your honesty isn’t important sometimes. Free lie passes are allowed while answering the questions below:
1. Is my weight getting out of hand? 
If you notice some negative changes, please lie. The only way to hurt a woman is by talking about her weight gain. Fine, I agree that at some point the truth should be told, but in a polite way that will still make her feel special.
2. Notice anything different? 
I believe that this question always gets wrong answers. If your woman asks this question make an effort to spot something new she might have. Whether clothes, hair, nails, accessories or rather make a wild guess(pleasing guess). However if you say ‘No’ then you will never hear the end of it.
3. Can we talk?
If you hear this first check if she managed to hack your phone passwords. If safe, you are still in trouble. The best way to approach this is by being polite and a little attentive. But if you act defensive with questions like “About??” then am sorry it’s now a case.
4.Do You Find Her Attractive?
Do not answer. I repeat abort mission. It’s a trap!
5. Do You Want To Go With Me To My Mum’s House?
Funny how most men would treat this as a question. Sorry it’s not a question. She is simply telling you to get ready you are about to leave. All you need to say is sure babe!
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