Exposed! The House Scandal That Chase Fuji star,Pasuma From His Omole Rented Apartment After 15 Years

This may come as news or surprise to some People and Fuji fans particularly the fans of Fuji Star,Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma has said to have moved from a known apartment to another rented apartment in same Estate,Omole phase 1, after he has lived in same estate for 15 years. Despite the fact that some of his fans are anticipating to see him moving into his much publized home at the same Estate, but rather, he moved into another rented apartment.
On Friday,9th of October,worth millions of Naira, Pasuma officially moved to a duplex apartment in Omole, where he invited some islamic clerics for special prayer. Unknown to many, Pasuma decided to move from the former apartment he lived for over 15 years in order to save his face from shame. The controversial artiste house scandal started Two months ago in a Musical Live performance Compound Disc (CD)by Pasuma title"Ile Tuntun L'omole"(New house in Omole) where Pasuma sang that his building another state of art edifice house in Omole Estate and that he plan to move his mother to the one he was building at OPIC.
Unbelievable, after some days the live performance go into circulation information reaching  Islanders International Magazine that the picture of the house used in the jacket of Live performance,Ile Tuntun L'omole and inside the musical CD his own by another popular business man who based in Dubling . It was gathered according to the source that the said CD gotten to the man, after finished watching  his house in Pasuma Musical CD claiming his house belong to said popular fuji musician, surprisingly the man  borded available flight to Nigeria  which he has his lawyer to serve him a Law suit for false-claim and impersonation. As this court suit was allegedly served on Pasuma he quickly look for people to join him to plead to the man not to go to court over the issue and make it a top secret while he alleged that it was his marketer that did such without his concept.
In fact,it was alleged that Pasuma postrated for the man for forgiveness.

In lieu, it was this show of shame on house scandal that lead Pasuma to move aways from his former rented apartment to new rented apartment.

While another  reliable source alleged that this issue of becoming a landlord has being giving Pasuma headache but he can't help. In our next edition next week edition we will reveal with picture of his 10 children from different woman and a makeup artiste he allegedly impregnated and refuse to take the three years old male child. Also, how he allegedly crashed london big girl marriage. And his Manager reaction to all those stories.

Here is Pasuma Manager,Afolabi Oyekoya release on the new rented apartment.
It's official, award winning Fuji star, Pasuma has moved into a new palatial home in Omole Estate; takes you through a pictorial journey of the 5 bedroom, duplex located on Babington Ashaye St, omole Phase 1... His crib readily referred to as *Government House* by close friends and boasts of 2 large sitting room , expansive kitchen , jacuzzi;  Gym and Games arena to complement it ... In his words ... I work hard but everyone deserves to live a good life ... " Meanwhile there are speculation that the kwara born singer recently acquired a property in Omole ... according to him .... Omole has become my hood ; though I grew up in Mushin.... details of my properties will be revealed soon ...
Meanwhile, his fans has being challenging Pasuma to release a statement and picture of the house he use in Ile Tuntun L'omole CD ever since Osupa has Asiri Omole CD to discredit/disregard that statement from Osupa that the house he claimed to be building for himself is someone ease house

Source : Islander Magazine
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  1. Yokolu yokolu kowa tan bi Iyawo gbe oko sanle oko yo ike

    1. Adewale u are enemy of progress, Osupa can never achieved what Pasuma has achieved in his life, Pasuma is a billionaire, u will get to know soon

  2. Yokolu yokolu kowa tan bi Iyawo gbe oko sanle oko yo ike

  3. Chief tenant onile from phase 1 to phase 2

  4. If he's a very responsible guy, he ought to av been living in his own house by now.
    And ten children from ten different women? Gosh!
    What is it with these artistes??? No self control and discipline.

  5. Hmmm...How true is this story ? This sounds more or less like a castigation. Anyone with any concrete proof or proofs ?

  6. This msg was sponsored by don't judge until you know the fact

  7. Pasuma did not rent that house, he built it, do accurate findings on your news before posting anything on here, don't mislead people, to have a home in Omole phase1 cost millions grow up

  8. oga NLA live them,na dem get mouth let them talk.....carry go.