I wish I had my kids from one woman – Segun Arinze

Known for his exemplary roles in Nollywood films, Segun Arinze Aina is one of the foremost Nigerian actors who have remained a household name. A consummate actor, singer and a voice over artist, Segun was the former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).
The award winning thespian recently had a chat with ERAVE where he talked about clocking the milestone age of 50, the crisis that has plagued the AGN and other sundry issues.
Segun Arinze
You just clocked 50 years, how does this make you feel?
No, it doesn’t change anything. Age is only a number and I am happy to join the league of entertainers and other influential Nigerians who have attained the same age. There is no difference whatsoever but I only have to thank God for giving me an opportunity to be 50. It is no child’s play considering those we grew up together or even spent out youthful years with. Many are alive while others have gone to the great beyond.
Will attaining 50 make you take more relaxed roles?
I have a lot of things I do and some others I am about to start work on. So clocking 50 has nothing to do with me resting on my oars. I think what only matters is the inspiration those around you and the next generation draw from what you lay hands on. The way I see it is that, it is pertinent for individuals to work towards setting proper standards and lay a good foundation for others to tap into. That is what I think people should reflect on always.
You fathered kids from different women. Do you sometime wish or would it have given you more joy if they had come from one woman?
Yes of course but I wouldn’t want to dwell on that. It has happened and I don’t have any power over that or to influence the outcome for whatever reasons.
If you had the power or an opportunity to change it, would you have corrected it?
Yes, I would. Why not? As I mentioned earlier, I have no power over what have happened in the past and I have moved on from there. I have a beautiful wife and very loving kids who understands their dad for who he is. So there are no issues in any way. Making a case now will only amount to going back into what has happened several years ago which I don’t have the power to do correct.
You recently starred in a historic movie titled ‘Jaja The Great’. How challenging was the role?
You see, every script has its challenges and you have to deal with it in the best form. Jaja The Great is a very good movie and the first time I studied the script, I was marveled because it was well thought out. I played the role of a leader of the security force and there are different events that surround my character in the movie.
Were you auditioned for the role or the producers decided you were the best fit for the role?
I wouldn’t say I auditioned for it but I got a call from the handlers that Nonso Emeka wanted me to feature in his forthcoming movie. The funny side of the story was that I was busy at that time and I originally thought they might have considered someone else. I got the call again and I went on set to commence shoot after a few days. The whole experience was fun because I enjoyed every bit of playing a part in history.
How difficult was it getting into character compared to other roles you have played in other movies in the past?
It will be bad of me to compare my works. (Laughs). Seriously, but Jaja The Great was very challenging on its own and viewers will love it when it finally comes out.
Should fans expect the movie anytime soon?
The movie is currently in the editing stages and from my discussions with the production team, it should probably hit TV screens later in the year.
Talking about setting proper standards, you were once the President of AGN and the body has been plagued by different court issues.
(Cuts In) I knew you will mention this. There is no problem in AGN and that is the truth.
How about Emeka Ike who has publicly announced himself as the head?
I don’t want to trade words with him because he lacks pedigree. Emeka Ike was never AGN President. The media should stop giving him attention because he is just an attention seeker who wants to be in the news for the wrong reasons. If he wants to head the guild, let him go through the right process. The process is, get the form, go through the required screening, then contest for the elections when certified. It is when he becomes victorious at the election process he can then declare himself as the president of AGN.
What do you make of him and his followers who assume he is the president?
He has been claiming to be the AGN president since I left as the head of the guild in 2011 before Ibinabo came in. Why didn’t he purchase the forms to contest elections then? This is how he will continue till Ibinabo’s tenure expires next year and another individual will emerge president. He is hallucinating and he needs to wake up from his slumber.
But there was a court hearing on the same issue earlier in the year. What is the true situation on that?
There is no problem with that. The court said the guild should return to status quo which in military parlance means ‘to return to normal or as it is’. Ibinabo still remains president and her tenure expires next year.
Do you think what is currently happening is taking the shine off the executives of AGN?
Not at all. The AGN is functioning and the guild has several activities its executives carry out at different points in time. It doesn’t affect the guild in any way in as much as those who are handling affairs understand what to do at the required time.
You recently attended Julius Agwu’s thanksgiving service. How did you receive the news of his ill health?
I was really shocked and somehow terrified. It is not something I believed at first but I had to gather myself as a man. I’m so happy he is back on his feet and agile now. We need to give thanks to the Almighty God on his behalf because he survived what many couldn’t. It is indeed a rebirth as he mentioned in church because his survival tale is a testament that God truly works.
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