Million Pound Brides Inside Extravagant London Weddings Super Rich Nigerian Couples

When it comes to a wedding day every bride wants  to look a million dollars. But when for most women it’s just a pipedream for Nigerian couples living in London,UK, it’s a reality
Thousands are spent on Nigerians weddings, like the one pictured on the Channel 5 documentary
It seems that the capital of Great Britain has become a favourite destination for Africa’s wealthy elite who is ready to spend tons of money on the most prestigious hotels, designer wedding dresses and costumes, diamond jewellery, exclusive food, drinks, flowers, gifts for their guests and many more!
A traditional Nigerian wedding held at The Dorchester hotel
According to a wedding planner, Elizabeth Aisien, super-rich Nigerian couples can easily blow a small fortune on their big days, as almost all of them are taking part in an unspoken competition
A room at the Dorchester decked out for a Nigerian wedding where thousands of guests are invited
Speaking on Channel 5 show Eamonn & Ruth: How The Other Half Lives, she says: “It is not unusual to spend a million. One of the weddings I planned spent £50,000 (N15,242,000) just on flowers. It’s a competition, people want something like “wow, she arrived by plane”.
Five bridesmaids accompanied one Nigerian bride showing how no expense is spared
The bride wants to look good and wear the best of everything. The other women want to make a statement, “I wore this diamond, my diamond is bigger than yours. After forking out to look her best, a bride will then spend a fortune wining and dining her guests – all three thousand of them.
A bride is pictured walking up the aisle on the show
They will spend the most money on Champagne as you have two to three thousand guests at a traditional Nigerian wedding and they will get a bottle of Champagne each.”
The Landmark Hotel in MarylebonePictures by Glenn Copus
This means at an average Nigerian wedding, £100,000 (N30,505,000), will be spent on a luxurious wedding dress, £475,000 (N144,900,000) on diamond jewellery,  £150,000 (N45,757,000) will be lavished on alcohol and food, £6,000 (N1,830,660) on a gift bags for precious guests. And it’s not even the end of the list!

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