Photos of Ooni Ogunwusi’s New Multimillion Naira Mansion In Ife Which Was Built In A Month

The new Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has moved into his newly built white house in Ile-Ife. The house was completed in less than 6 weeks and all the furniture are made in Nigeria.
Oba Ogunwusi’s new mansion is one of the conspicuous buildings on that street because its an all white magnificent edifice nestled on the hill. The mansion will serve as his temporary palace where he will receive visitors after his coronation. City People gathered that the mansion was built  in less than 6 weeks and  the road that leads to the house was  tarred by the New Ooni while also giving some of the major historical streets in Ife town a facelift.
Entering the sitting room, you will be greeted with exquisite traditional furniture that will wow you. It is ‘Made in Nigeria’ chairs and they are made with African fabrics like Ankara and Adire, City People gathered.
From the gate down, you will begin to see the beauty of the masterpiece. The white mansion sits at the middle of the spacious premises beautified with flowers.
Walking to the door, you will be welcomed by the Ilari Oba” They are tall looking men who have their hair cut in a special way. They are the traditional wards of Ooni of Ife. They will welcome you in Ife dialect. The mini sitting room is also painted white. It is the first contact of Ooni of Ife’s guests. In the case you notice a white cloth which is used to cover some special chairs, those are the chairs that are meant for the Ooni Osa.
Let’s tell you a little about this seat. They are reserved for Ooni even when he is not in the Palace, guests are not allowed to sit on it. It is a symbol of respect to the Ooni Osa. Permit us to tell you that all the chairs and dining at the mini sitting room is all made locally.
Another thing that will strike you when you visit Paraku Mansion of Ooni is the Amese. They serve as intermediaries between Ooni Osa and guests.
Tradition doesn’t permit Ooni to speak directly to guests. So he speaks in low tone while Amese, who sits at the feet of the Ooni says Oba n, Kio!.” He also relays guests information to the Ooni.
The Paraki mansion of the Ooni is a community on its own. Since Oba Adeyeye was announced, lots of indigenes have besieged his house to express their loyalty and solidarity.

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