The world is what we think it is. If we can change our thoughts, we can change our world. Has been created by the Most high, your brain has the faculty and it’s able to store and accept two various kinds of thoughts: Positive and Negative. Most human under planet Earth quay more negative thoughts than positive, but some are 50/50 which makes their mind play a tug of war per se’, on a daily basis. However, there is an elucidation to it. On every occasion a thought get into your mind, a negative or bad thought, it’s expected of you to think of a positive thought you can extract out of that negative thought that will make that thought a positive one. As you keep this act day by day, thought after thought, the thoughts that your mindset accepts will start to sway to the positive, where the negative will be overweighed. As time pass by and you keep repeating this process and implement it into your life, as a way of philosophy and storing thoughts will become positive in nature and will disallowed negative thought in your mind. They will stay on the outside where you will be able to brush them off with ease and forget they ever existed. In time, all bad emotions will go away as well like antagonism, antipathy, depression, doubt and fear, to name a few. You will also gain confidence in yourself as a person and learn more about yourself, things you never realized about yourself such as your inner strength, enthusiasm, aspiration, keenness and bravery. This is not over night process and it consumes time… maybe a long time. So be patience with this process. Time is the biggest helper that you can have on your side when you institute change in your life, especially a life altering change such as this. In this life, the only thing is, you must not quit on yourself or give in to negativity. No matter how the circumstances and difficulties you must not quit. Never backpedal and take steps backwards in this process because of pressures of your life and daily routine. This is a process in which your life as you knows it, can and will, be transformed into more of enjoyable, happy and complete life. A positive mindset is very easy to obtain, but it takes time and Patience. My people ‘NEVER GIVE IN TO NEGATIVITY’ Written by: Hafeez Oshundairo ( @iam_hamton )
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