Teenager forced to marry Ram in Enugu after raping it (PHOTO)

A teenager in Enugu has been detained by vigilante and forced to marry a ram after he was caught raping it.
The 15-year-old unidentified boy, told vigilante after he was arrested that every time he encounters a sheep he gets excited and can’t control himself.
Photo credit: CITY 105.1FM
Photo credit: CITY 105.1FM
The owner of the ram identified as Mr. Uche demanded that the boy pays for the violated animal, saying the ram cannot be normal after its sexual encounter with the teenager. He further demanded for the boy and the animal to be wedded.
The boy after he was handed over to the police said he hears voices in his head before being led to have sex with sheep.
He further claimed that he doesn’t feel attracted to humans and he only likes sheep. So far, no charges have been filed against the boy.

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