'I don’t want him back.He is now in the past‘ - Actress Doris Simeon blasts Daniel Ademinokan, calls Stella Damasus her enemy

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon is one of the major household names in Nollywood, particularly in the Yoruba genre of the movie industry in Nigeria.
The separation from her director husband a couple of years back made headlines for months. 

We all remember the circumstances that led to her separation from her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan, who has now found comfort in the arms of another actress, Stella Damasus who once lied that, they are business partner. In this interview with Vanguard, Doris revealed her new TV Series project and her relationship with her ex- husband
 Doris What are the things you dislike about being in the limelight?
 I have been robbed of my private life. My life is always out there. Anyway, I really don’t care because I knew that would happen even before I got into limelight.  

 What were the things you felt would promote you in the industry?
Actually, I was looking forward to doing things outside the norm like being a female director, handling the camera etc. These were parts of the production process where we hardly find women. But fortunately for me, I was pushed into acting and not just part of the crew who works behind the camera.   

Well, have you been able to achieve your first dream?
 I have been able to achieve some and I am still working on others. I directed a new film titled “The victim”. I am also a producer but still an amateur when it comes to handling the camera. Probably, I will have to take a course on that and also learn how to edit films.  

 Which is more challenging between being a producer and a director?
I would say directing is more difficult and less rewarding while producing is more rewarding with less work.   

What’s your take on the quality of films produced in Nigeria?
I am impressed. The quality of our films is more encouraging now compared to what was obtainable some years back. Many of us are making quality and competitive films. 

  How do you rate a movie as successful; by the money it generates, the number of people who view the movie, the awards it gets, or what? 
I see a movie as successful by its impact on people and also the money I get from it. I will also consider the lessons from the movie.   

Anything new from you?
I am currently working on a campaign-like movie that has to do with malaria. I intend creating awareness about malaria. A lot of children die of malaria in Africa due to ignorance. Self medication is not advised because it is malaria. It is a serious illness that you need to see a doctor. Apart from this, I am also working on my TV series.

 What is the television series about? It’s going to be more of a sitcom. I noticed that we really don’t have continuity, so I wanted to start with that and that means working with a lot of script writers.  

 It seems Nollywood parades many single mothers, why? 
People think we are the only ones going through this, which is not true. A lot of people out there also experience same thing but since they are not in the limelight, nobody knows about them.  

 What’s your view on the increase in single parenthood? 
I am not a supporter of single parenthood. I wasn’t taught or brought up that way but mine is a situation I find myself. I wouldn’t blame any one for it. Every man or woman has the right to live their life the way they choose but I wouldn’t advise or support such.

   Do you regret being a single mother? 
I have no regret at all. I have only learnt to be stronger.  

 So, how is life as a single woman? 
I thank God. My career and business are going on well. The only difference for me is that I don’t have to run home to cook for a husband. Life is still the same. I am normal with no problem. Life goes on.  

 Is it true that men take advantage of single mothers? 
It all depends on the woman. If you allow anyone take advantage of you, it’s your headache. 

  Any experience?

Have you ever regretted featuring in a movie?
Yes, I have. It happened sometime ago when I got a script and felt it was good. But getting to the location, I discovered they wanted to use low quality equipment. Imagine shooting with camcorder camera and halogen light. Obviously, such movie wouldn’t be good. But luckily for me the film did not hit the market. It happened in 2004. 

  Why are Yoruba films poorly subtitled?
We have not been able to get the right people to do it for us. Again, most of us are always in a hurry to send our movies to the market.   

What is the first thing you consider before accepting a script or producing a movie? 
The first thing I consider is the moral lessons from the movie, the storyline, cast and of course, the money involved.  

 What is that thing you would never be found doing? 
That should be tying a wrapper round my boobs. I don’t even have a wrapper. The first and only time I wore one was during my son’s naming ceremony. 

  Is it true that marketers impose some artists on producers?
Yes, it also depends on the producers who may or may not allow it. Personally, they have never imposed an artist on me. I know the best person for each role so I wouldn’t let marketers push me around.  

 Why do artists have issues with marketers? 
I really can’t say but we can resurrect our cinema culture to reduce such misunderstanding. Having more cinemas in the country will do. Engaging online TV would help too and also having more friendly marketers and not those who would be angry just because their favourite artist is not in the film. I mean marketers who will appreciate a good job when they see one . 

  It went viral that you attended a Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM church to get your husband ? 
Were they there with me? I go to any church. I went there to pray to God. Thank God I was seen in a church and not with a herbalist.   

How often do you see your son who clocked eight recently?
He stays with his dad. I really don’t want to say much about this because we are still in court. 

  What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage? 
I want to be closer to God and put God first in everything I do.

 Is there any man in the picture? 
I never gave up on love. I have found love again in Jesus. I am married to my career right now. I am in a relationship anyway but I want to be private about it. 

How soon should we expect the wedding bells?
He has to wait for me to achieve some things. 

What’s your relationship with Stella Damascus?
I have no business with her. 

If you are producing a movie, can you invite Stella Damasus as one of the casts? 
Yes, I can, after all, she is an actress and money is involved. I can do business with an enemy provided it is strictly business. Why her when I can always go for others? 

Do you sometimes wish you were still with your ex-? 
I don’t want him back. He is now in the past .

 What does style mean to you?
It means my person. Having been separated from your husband but now in another relationship

How often do you have sex?
(laughs) I want to restore my virginity. I never thought of it but that will be whenever my man wants it.
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