Meet The 'House Hubby’ Who Spends All Day Being Pampered While His Partner Funds His Luxurious Life

One man is looking to give housewives allover the world a run for their money - by becoming the perfect house husband.

Efren Styles, from San Marino, California, stays at home and leads the life of the ultimate trophy 1950s housewife while his doctor husband Christopher goes to work to earn a living.

Efren spends his days doing household chores, splurging on designer items and donning 24-carat gold face masks to make sure he looks beautiful when his husband comes home.And Efren - who also spends his time posting photos to his 80,000 Instagram followers - believes that it's time to bring back the role of being the perfect housewife - or indeed the house husband.
Efren, who says that age is not applicable to him, explains:
'I just feel that it's time to bring back that period of time when women were housewives.'That is, when women typically stayed home, took care of their husband, attended to the house, while the breadwinner provided the assets needed to maintain the stability of the household.These women were always dressed in their best outfits and always had a full face of make-up on.'I just feel that period has been lost in today's time and I'm just taking that idea and applying it to the gay world. One partner should always take the role of being the trophy house husband.'
Since he was a child, Efren has always fantasised of being the flawless house husband. And his wishes came true when he met his husband, Christopher in July 2007 and married him soon after.
'I've always dreamed of being the perfect house husband. I was inspired by my mom who is actually a stay-at-home housewife.
'She always found time to look her best and to have a gourmet dinner ready for the family.'Christopher is a perfect gentleman. He asked me out and I fell in love with his old-fashion morals and good looks.'He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair when I sit and continuously surprising me with copious amounts of gifts and flowers. We've been together for nine years now.'
Well, I always like to wake up before or when my husband wakes up to make sure his suit and breakfast is ready before he leaves for work.

'Shortly after Christopher leaves for work, I workout for an hour, shower, then begin the extended process of getting beautified. I love using Peter Thomas Roth 24 carat gold masks, and yes it's made of actual gold.

'Then I get ready by doing my hair, makeup, and I put on my tight low cut shirts. I start doing my chores around the house, then do any errands that need to be done for the day.

'I usually have tea time at 4pm, which is my brief moment to relax throughout the day.Then I'll either have dinner ready for my husband when he arrives home or we'll go for a meal at the best restaurants in Los Angeles. I always let Christopher pick my dinner and order for me.'
 Christopher is also glad to fiance house husband's Efren's expensive fashion taste.
Efren explains: 'I love shopping. I'm in love with everything luxurious and most of all, fur. Fur is my addiction! My husband calls me the boy version of Cruella de Vil.
Culled from Mailonline
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