Nigerian Celebrity Presenter Denrele Edun Speaks On Getting Death Threats

Controversial media personality Denrele Edun has spoken on the downsides of being a celebrity. In a recent chat with Channels TV, he spoke about a certain picture he took with another eccentric entertainer Charly Boy which went viral and got him several death threats and backlashes in faraway Malaysia.

Both celebrities are known for their no-holds-barred personalities hence it is understandable that some critics can go overboard in reaction to their antics. He said: “For every insult, slander, diss I get, I always look for the positivity in negativity and I laugh about these things.
“If my mindset was tilted, I would say some 20 years ago when I was starting out in the industry cuz I mean I started out in ’95, back then I think these things would [have] made me cringe in a corner and want to cry and be like ‘why is everybody on my matter? I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes, I’m not doing anything wrong, they should leave me alone.’ But right now, I really don’t give a hoot. “And then it’s shocking how these things when I get them on social media especially on Twitter, I retweet them for people to have a good laugh. There’s really no point in trying to be a hypocrite and be retweeting only the praises. The insults are even hotter than the praises and I look and laugh.” From social media criticisms, he moved to the infamous photo that went viral and got him severe comments, reactions and even death threats. He said: “That whole picture of Charly Boy that went viral, and that was the time when I was working with a brand [and] I was trying to get my identity known, I got threatening calls.
“At a point, I remember I went to Malaysia for a show, I went to host a show. By the time I landed…, everybody at the airport had bought that paper, they were waiting for me. I think they saw my name on the manifest or something… but I had to just make a joke out of it. I didn’t even know the extent of the damage. I got into the car, we were in traffic, and then I had vendors hitting the car. People came out their cars and [started calling me a disgrace]. I don’t think anybody has gotten it as hot [as I have].”
Though he recently appeared in a short play titled Pepper Soup, many remember Denrele as the young actor who climbed into prominence following his appearance in the popular drama series Everyday People produced by Tajudeen Adepetu in the early 2000s. Now more popular for presenting on television and anchoring live shows, Denrele has remained an enigma of sorts among many fans and critics of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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