See where Rashidi Yekini’s aged mother sells bread (pictures) She needs Help Please

Four years after the death of former Nigerian football
legend, Rashidi Yekini, it has been confirmed that his
mother, Sikiratu Yekini now sells bread, soft drinks and
sachet waters as a means of survival.
She could no longer fend for herself,
some good samaritan gave her some money to do
business after the report.
Rashidi Yekini died on May 4 2012 in Ibadan, and his
remains was taken to his hometown, Irra in Oyun local
government, Kwara State where he was interred the same
day according to Islamic rites.

It was later confirmed that apart from
the house in Ibadan (Oyo State) and the one in Ijagbo
(Kwara State), the deceased left nothing else after his
Ijagbo where the mother of Rashidi Yekini lives and she divulged what she
has being passing through since the demise of her son with newsmen.

Alhaja Yekini attending to a customer

Mama, it is four years now since the
death of your son, how has life been with you?
Sikiratu Yekini: Like I have always been saying, survival
has been difficult for me since I lost my son because he
was the pillar the whole family relaxed on.

Have you received any help from
anybody since the death of your son?
Sikiratu Yekini: The only help I got since the death of my
son was the money the Osun State government gave me
during the burial of Rashidi, and the money was even
shared in the family, and asides that no one else has
looked into my side.

What about the Kwara State government
where your son was born?
Sikiratu Yekini: They have done nothing except for their
fake promises. There was a time when we were even
looking for how to get a job for Akeem Yekini who is a
younger brother to Rashidi, but up till now, nothing has
been done.

Mama Yekini in front of her stall

 What is your son Akeem now doing to
Sikiratu Yekini: He’s into labouring work since there’s
nobody to help, and that is better than stealing.

Have you for once received help, visit or
call from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) since the
death of your son?
Sikiratu Yekini: No one has ever called me from them,
they don’t even know where I live not to talk of them
paying me a visit, but I’m sure if they want to help, they
would surely find me.

 Mama is it true that you sells bread,
water, drinks and other things for you to survive
Sikiratu Yekini: Yes, that’s what I do for now as I cannot
continue to be begging from hands to mouth. Akeem
Yekini who’s the younger brother to Rashidi also extends
his hands to me anytime he comes back from his
labouring work.

We heard Rashidi built this house where
you are living, did you put some part for rent?
Madam Yekini in front of her fridge with drinks
Sikiratu Yekini: Yes, my son built this house for me when I
came back from Minna and me, Akeem and his children
are living upstairs. We put four rooms for rent when it
became hard for us to eat, and even till now the tenants
are still begging us claiming that the Kwara State local
government has not paid them for 6 months.

What is the nature of your health, are
you receiving treatment in the hospital?
Sikiratu Yekini: I am not healthy at all, and I’m just
forcing myself to do so many things I do since there’s
nobody to help.

What do you want Mama?
Sikiratu Yekini: My son served this country, and I want
Nigerians to help me because it has not been easy for me
since the death of Rashidi. I don’t want a situation where
some people would now be bringing cows after my death
whereas none of them can afford to give me fish now that
I’m alive.
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