Viewers discretion: Naked man jumps into zoo’s lion enclosure in ‘suicide bid’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Santiago – A man who stripped naked and entered a lion enclosure to feed himself to the animal in a Chilean zoo has survived the incident, but the lions were killed.
Authorities in Santiago confirmed that the two African lions were put down as they severely mauled the 20-year-old man.
The man climbed over the fence Saturday and removed his clothes before approaching the lions, according to a statement posted on the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo Facebook page.
Naked man jumps into zoo's lion enclosure in 'suicide bid'
Naked man jumps into zoo's lion enclosure in 'suicide bid'1
Naked man jumps into zoo's lion enclosure in 'suicide bid'2
Below is the full statement:
“At About 11:30 hours of the day today, in the premises of the lions of the National Zoo, a male person, got on the roof of the enclosure, broke the fence, stripped in the inside and he came over to recklessly The animals in the place.
Due to this circumstance and to guard in the first place the life of this person we were forced to implement all our security protocols.
By this incomprehensible action became necessary eutanasiar to two of our three lions in the place, which is deeply painful for each of us and especially for their guardafaunas and every one of the officials of the zoo, who care for them day by day and the Elementary as part of their lives.
Despite the pain which led to this action, it was necessary to preserve the life of the individual, it was hardly possible was removed from the premises and taken to a clinic to receive the appropriate care, where it currently is.
At the moment we are waiting to know the evolution of the health of the person.
We want to clarify that the halls of our zoo are absolutely safe for our regular visitors and that, in cases like this, in which a person violates the security protocols of the enclosure, are absolutely out of the ordinary.”
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