Worker sues his ex-employer for $590,000 because his job was 'too boring'

A worker is suing his former employer for $590,000 as his job was 'too boring' - forcing him to quit.
Frenchman Frederic Desnard, 44, claims that for four years he was expected to carry out "too menial" tasks that were a "descent into hell".
At a result he was left "depressed, destroyed and ashamed" and forced to resign.

The employment tribunal case is the first ever legal claim in France for what its media has coined the term 'bore out' - which could be interpreted as being the opposite of 'burn out'.

Desnard claims that swiftly after he was hired as a manager at Interparfums - a perfume company in Paris - he found himself stripped of his responsibilities until he was left feeling like he "didn't exist".
He told France's BFM television:
"I left for work each day with a desperate, sinking feeling."
"Then when I arrived I would often break down in tears," he continued. "But no one noticed because no one really cared whether I was there or not.
"I was left depressed and ashamed of being paid for doing nothing."
But a lawyer representing the firm, Jean-Philippe Benissan, responded:
 "Mr Desnard never said anything about being bored during the four-year period.
"And if he actually had nothing to do over all these years, why didn't he mention it?
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