VIDEO: Police guns down suicide bomber then flees just before #Istanbul airport explosion

CCTV footage has caught the terrifying moment when a police officer guns down a suicide bomber who then blows himself up.
Police guns down suicide bomber then flees
At least 28 people were killed after two bombers hit Istanbul’s Ataturk airport tonight.
After the first bomber detonated his device passengers, including families with young children, are caught on camera running away from the second fanatic.
A police officer then shoots him and he falls to the floor of the airport terminal, which was crowded with holidaymakers and business travellers.
The policeman then approaches the prone body of the terrorist but he presumably notices that the man is not dead and is planning to explode his device, which he appears to be carrying strapped to his body.
The cop runs off and seconds later a huge explosion goes off. It is not known if the policeman or anyone were killed by this device.

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