Desperate mum explains why she's forced to lock her teenage daughter in a 'wooden box'

A heartbroken mother has explained why she is forced to keep her daughter under lock and key in a 'wooden box' of a room.
Emma Parry, 33, told Mirror Online about the extreme measures she takes to keep her teenage daughter and her other children safe.
Sixteen-year-old Stephanie has attempted suicide 12 times, including overdosing and trying to hang herself.
She told Mirror Online:

"Two years ago was when Steph had her first serious suicide attempt.I was heartbroken, confused, scared, worried, beside myself that my little girl didn't want to be alive.
"I thought about what I must have done wrong as a parent to have my child want so badly to not be alive.
"Now two years on and many suicide attempts later I feel like we haven't moved forward with Steph's treatment at all.
"She is still a little girl that is trying to take away all of her pain in the most devastating way."
 Stephanie was sexually abused as a child, which led to her self-harming on her arms, legs and stomach as she grew older.As she entered her teenage years, the scale of her self-harm escalated to the extent that Stephanie tried to take her own life - and she's since tried again many times.

There is only one psychiatric facility in the area capable and qualified to give the teen the long-term treatment she needs - but the family has been turned away as the centre cannot accept referrals from the private sector, and Steph has a private psychicatrist.
Desperate, they've been forced to take matters into their own hands.
Anything that could be used as a weapon has been stripped from Stephanie's bedroom, transforming it into an empty cell.
Bad days range from Steph refusing to interact with the family - lying in her bed crying and sleeping the day away because she is so sad - to having total meltdowns where she ends up having no control in the situation and attempts suicide or tries to harm my other children and myself. "Those days are the worst as anything I try - even telling her that I love her - can cause her to physically attack me.
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