Father sues his three daughters for not visiting him enough(Photo)

A Chinese father is suing his three daughters for not returning home to visit him 'frequently'.

The 69-year-old, named Yang Zhengyuan, from Sichuan province filed a lawsuit in March claiming that his daughters hadn't come home enough or given him enough financial support, reports the People's Daily Online.
This comes after Shanghai announced that parents would be able to sue their children if they refused to visit them.In addition they would also be given a bad credit rating. The father-of-three claims that his children have not come home enough and have not supported him over the past 10 years. However the daughters, Yang Liu, Yang Qing and Yang Lan have issued a counterclaim arguing that he is guilty of domestic violence and favouring boys over girls. Yang Liu claims that her father beat her in her own office after she failed to give him the money he was demanding from her.

While Yang Qing said she was beaten by her father when she was pregnant:
 'When I was a few months pregnant, he pulled my hair and beat me.' 
They have provided copies of balance transfers sent to their father.
Their mother Xiao Lu admitted that her husband used to favour boys over girls even though all five of his children are girls. She also said that when they lived together, her husband beat her. The daughters also argue that their father has shown a lack of interest in their personal affairs such as education, marriages and careers.

He admitted that he could have contributed more to his family but denies claims that he 'abandoned' his daughters.

Yang Qing told reporters: 'Even if he wins the case, we would lose our affection.'
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