Gospel singer, Mike Abdul cries out "I am not divorced"

Mike Abdul is certainly one of the artistes that
have revamped gospel music in Nigeria and he has
endeared so many people to his heart.

However, since it was rumoured about three
years ago that his marriage had hit the rocks, the
young artiste had chosen not to talk about his
status and based on that, so many took his silence
for the truth.
But in a telephone chat with Saturday Beats, the
Morire singer said that he was not divorced. He
told Saturday Beats that it was a misconception
for people to think he is legally free from his
“I have learnt not to comment on issues that
border on my marriage. Initially when I started
having bad press, I was not happy. I discovered
that I was making those who wanted to make me
sad, happy. It doesn’t make sense to give
happiness, gladness and fulfilment to my enemies.
I would like to correct a general notion; I am not
divorced in anyway. I think it is people’s
misconception; let us just leave it at that. People
have their issues and it takes time to sort things
out,” he said.
When probed on reconciliation talks with his
estranged wife, the singer politely declined
commenting on the matter anymore.
“I don’t like to talk about my marriage and I
would want to leave it at that,” he said.
But the singer beamed with excitement concerning
his career and his new album, ‘Korede’, which
according to him is doing very well in the market.
He further told Saturday Beats how Korede Bello
influenced his album title.
“The title of my new album is ‘Korede’ and it was
influenced by a song, ‘Godwin’ by Korede Bello. I
was at an event last year with the Midnight Crew
where we performed at someone’s birthday. After
our performance, Korede Bello was next. I have
always liked the song ‘Godwin’ because I feel that
whatever you do in life, it is God that wins. When
I saw him, somehow that name Korede got stuck
in my head. The next day when I was saying my
prayers, no song could come to my mind, but the
name Korede kept ringing in my head. The name
means ‘To bring blessing’, and it is only God that
brings blessing to someone’s life.
“I connected to his name knowing full well that
God will bring my blessing especially with this
album. The funny thing is that I did not feature
Korede Bello in the album but the only thing I did
was to inform him that I was naming my album
after him and he told me that it was very cool,”
he said.
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