Meet 21-year-old-girl who still uses feeding bottle, sleeps in a cot (photos)

21-year-old girl Jess from Lakeland, Florida, has been
reported to still be wearing baby nappies, drinks from a
feeding bottle and regress back to infancy in a bid to
make peace with her troubled childhood.

Jess in her cot talking to her boyfriend, David.

Jess, who was sexually abused aged just two, suffered
depression and anxiety as she battled the trauma. But
now, with the help of her 24-year-old boyfriend David, she
dresses in babygros and has a Youtube where she is
followed by thousands.
David, who calls himself Jess’ Daddy said: “Some people
have called me a pedophile and have made fun of Jess.
We know we’re okay and aren’t doing anything wrong .”
However, Jess described her new self has been confident
and happy.
She said: “Age play is really my best escape and it allows
me to reclaim the innocence of my childhood and have it
play out the way I always wanted. Aside from that though,
regressing and being a ‘little’ just fits with my personality.
It allows me to be playful and cute, which is what I’m like
naturally anyway and so I think that I would definitely still
be living this lifestyle if I’d had a more ‘normal’

David baby sitting Jess

The couples, who have been together for four years, say
for them age play is not sexual and is more of a lifestyle
choice saying: “We never have sex while I’m age playing
but for a lot of people it is a sexual kink.”
Jess receives lots of positive comments from other adult
babies and one of her followers even built a five-foot tall
crib for her to play and sleep in. Jess is now looking for a
real life babysitter who will carry out a bedtime routine for
her and look after her while David is away at work.

Jess playing with her teddy bears

How will you describe this behavior?
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