Men Sleep their way to the top too - Written by Funke Egbemode

When i saw this piece on Sun news, i took time to read it from the beginning to the end. Why is lady just speaking out my mind all these years...I have seen men sleeping their way to the top and no doubt about it, ladies too but why is the focus more on women than men? The society we are... Africa and women at evey disadvantages... Dont let me bore you with my opinion but read what i read ...
I’M starting on the offensive today,because I’m fed up of men who wear their brains below their belts speaking like righteous men. I’m re­ally pissed off with men who can’t accept that hard working women, like hard working men, always make it to the top too. I can’t believe in these days of women registering their presence in every sector of the economy, from the cockpit to the mines, that there are still men who think successful career women are pushovers who got lucky because of the powers of what is between their legs. Well, someone once said that when a man’s fly is open, his brain hangs loose. I most certainly believe men who hide behind their inferiority complex to accuse career women of sexual immorality should book appointments to see the psychiatrist.
I’m sure you have heard it all before. Women sleep their way to the top. They use what they have to get what they want. They befriend their bosses to move up the career ladder. They marry for money. They use their backs more often than their brains. Bla bla bla.

It’s all stale, very stale news.Women are al­ways criticized especially when they hit it big or men find they have to say ‘yes ma’ or rub shoul­ders with them.
Well, times are changing guys, women are moving and so are men. Now, how many men can actually boast of not sleeping their way to success? Do they think we don’t know about the sordid things they do to make money? Do we not know the reason homosexuality is thriv­ing? When next you see a guy walking funny, ask him what he just did to buy his Lexus Jeep. Oh yes, they can no longer look us straight in the face and be smug when they say women use what they have to get what they want. Men do it too.
Men are no longer ready to work their fingers to the bone to make money.
They’d rather cut corners and get there fast. Why do you think there are so many posh cars on the roads? How do you think Nigeria is able to boast of 33-year-old multi-millionaires who spend like prodigal sons? Rich small boys who can’t even discuss anything intelligently. Try talking some solid topic with them; something outside how they got fast bucks and you’ll see how dumb they can be. So, who’s talking about brains?
These are the days of soft men. The hard, hard-working men are long gone.
It’s not the toy-boy syndrome as such. It’s more like ass-licking. I mean young men who are so much in a hurry to get ‘there’ that they’d mortgage their manhood (not the one in their trousers per se) for success.
Young men who managed to scale through higher institutions but know they can’t survive on their brains. After all, they spent seven years doing a four-year course. So, how’ll they man­age? They’ll be damn lucky if they get jobs at all.
So, what do such men do? They set their eyes on those who can help them.They latch on to rich girls and their families. They warm their ways into the warm embraces of their lonely female bosses. They keep their ears to the ground to know where the homo­sexual rich men are hosting the next party. They then take loans to spruce-up for the gig like whores.
You must have heard of a few cases like that but I’m telling you they’re becoming rife. Don’t think 419 is limited to fake LPOs and stuff like that. What about men riding on fragile shoulders of their female bosses to reach the top?
How they do it? By doing or appearing to be doing more than they are employed to do. They more or less become protocol officers, even er­rand boys. The main goal is to get noticed by madam. They volunteer to pick madam’s kids from school when her driver is indisposed, to work late or extra days by suspending their real duties. They’d rather carry madam’s bag than face their jobs.
They generally act the bobo nice to a hilt. And if the poor woman is lonely, divorced or wid­owed and tempted, they get real lucky.
Before you know it, they’re seconded and transferred to be heads of department newly cre­ated for pleasures they give madam.
They get official cars plus car loans and the works. If their brains can’t sustain them, then their third legs will just have to do.
There are guys whose first self-appointed as­signment when they get a job is to find out if the Chairman/Managing Director has a daughter of toastable age, preferably a first daughter or only child. They wangle an invitation to the M.D’s house somehow even if it’s to deliver the mail the man had gone through earlier in the day. Their eyes dart here and there looking for their prey. That daughter who will bring fortune to their lives.
Many get lucky, I tell you. It doesn’t matter, I tell you. It doesn’t matter whenever the girl now turns out to be an ugly duckling, cross-eyed, crippled or an idiot. As a matter of fact, it’s an easier task if the girl is not so much in demand than if she’s one wary, brainy beauty.
They spread their nets with eyes obsessively fixed on her family’s fortune. They act the gen­tlemen of all gentlemen. Get the girl pregnant even, especially if they think it’s the only way their M.D fathers will be moved.
And what do we have? Dumb dudes who’d 419ed their ways into wealth.
Now, it’s not always these fake arrangements have happy endings. In fact, they, more often than not, end in shambles. You see, the leopard cannot change his spots. The arranged husband will start showing his true colours. The arranged wife’s eyes will open and she’ll discover that she’d been taken for a ride by a fool just because of her wealth. Trouble will start. She’ll stop in­dulging his big time spending, put tails on him and try to find a way out.
Sometimes it’s the man’s folly and faulty as­sumptions that wrecks him. He’s not brainy, remember, so he’ll forget that joining the big league through the back door does not make him a professional.
He’ll forget that his in-laws’ eyes are on him all the time and God help him if he tries to fool around with women. Some are even stupid enough to bring in a second wife or think of di­vorcing their disabled first wives.
If you’re a man, therefore, trying to join the big league by marrying rich women, remember the rules, never forget where you are coming from. Always remember that if you do it without your brains you’re done for.
This is a golden advice from this girl who’s supposed to hate men’s guts. It’s high time you changed your minds about me , don’t you think?

Re: The greedy fisherman 
Well spoken Funke. Will they listen? Will they heed your admonition ?They are stub­born flies that follow the corpse to the grave.
Continue to speak,don’t be discouraged. Maybe our political fishermen will stop at the first request and be satisfied. Maybe they will not bother the big fish again. Maybe!
-Matthew Idoko, MP

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