Anti-Mugabe protests: Police throw tear gas into bus, passengers jump out (VIDEO)

A shocking video apparently taken during Wednesday’s anti-Mugabe demonstrations in Zimbabwe, shows a bus filled with passengers speeding away with a cloud of tear gas smoke billowing out while affected passengers jump out.
Police throw tear gas into bus, passengers jump out
The footage, which has gone viral on social media, appears to show the commuter omnibus driving off from a street corner surrounded by dozens of anti-riot police.
People are seen jumping off the minibus.
Those who claimed to have witnessed the incident said police threw tear gas canisters inside the bus at the corner of Nelson Mandela Anenue and Rezende Street in the capital, Harare.
Reacting to the video, Zimbabwean human rights lawyer and former education minister, David Coltart, wrote on Facebook: “This short video, seemingly taken in downtown Harare yesterday, appears to show a commuter omnibus with a tear gas canister thrown inside it. If this is a correct interpretation of this video, then whoever is responsible for throwing that canister inside that omnibus should be charged with attempted murder. As far as I am aware only the Police have access to teargas in Zimbabwe.”
Police in Zimbabwe have continued to beat up people and fire tear gas and water cannon at opposition supporters who had been protesting in Harare for days.
Protesters are calling for electoral reform ahead of polls in 2018.
92-year-old President Robert Mugabe wants to run again.
Leaders from 18 opposition political parties called for Zimbabweans to march through Harare as part of a so-called “mega demonstration”.
The High Court ruled on Friday morning authorized the opposition march, a day after police warned that unauthorised demonstrations would not be tolerated.
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