Photographer takes 7am and 7pm pictures of 16 people to show how faces change through the day

Belgian photographer Barbara Iweins persuaded 16 people to give her keys to their homes to capture a rare, authentic glimpse of them at 7am, before they get ready to face the world.
She then returned to take shots of the at 7pm and observe how their looks had changed through the day.
Barbara said the 7am/7pm project was a reaction to the growing popularity of social media and selfies and people becoming more aware of their own image.
 She said:

“Because of social networks, increasing use of cameras in daily life, selfies… over the years I realised everyone has become more used to posing. People are [more aware] of their image.When I was asking them five years ago to pose for me in the street, there was a shy look … they were trying to hide behind their bag or something.
“Now this innocence is fading away. But I am searching for this vulnerability. I don’t want the controlled perfect image.Therefore, I need to place them in a more vulnerable position.
“I decided to invite them to spend the night at my place or I would go over to their place.I felt that the only moment of the day when a person doesn’t have any shield is the moment a person opens their eyes for the first time.
“I always adored this ‘fighting’ moment when our conscious gets out of the unreality of dreams to face reality. Just the moment before the world hurts us.”“The experience of taking these early portraits has been amazing.

Culled from Daily Mirror

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