Sean Tizzle eyes Otedola's daughter.

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August 7, 2016 – Sean Tizzle: My Girlfriend DJ Cuppy Broke Up With Me Because Of The Media
Nigerian musician Morihanfe Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, popularly known as Sean Tizzle in music circles, has come a long way before attaining fame when he released his 2013 hit song ‘Sho le’ which was rated as a direct hit from the day of its release. 
He speaks with ADEWOYIN ADENIYI about his journey to fame, soon-to-be-released collaboration with US singer, Tory Lanez, upcoming album and diverse issues.
WHO is Sean Tizzle?

I hail from Ondo State, Ilaje precisely. I’m from a family of five and I’m the second to the last;although I was the last born for a couple of years before my parents decided to have one more. So I kind of had all that special treatment even though I’m not from a rich home. I was born with a silver spoon but I don’t know how my dad used it so I didn’t grow with the silver spoon.
You were once accused of bleaching your skin…
The media just come out with a lot of unconfirmed reports. You don’t know me from anywhere and you just decide to criticise me. I never bleached my skin. Before the fame, I used to be this guy that likes editing pictures because I thought that it would make me look fresh which was the same mistake I made with the pictures I posted then. I posted a picture that I edited that same way as it was already a part of me to use filters on my pictures but unluckily for me it backfired and people assumed that I bleached my skin. Sebi na me you dey see so, I resemble person wey bleach? So now I just drop my pictures the way it is now, I don’t edit anymore.
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It was rumoured that you were in a relationship with Dj Cuppy…
No, we were not dating. She’s just my friend and we are cool like that. People just took it wrong,although I like her for so many things.
Were you crushing on her?
Yes, I was.
Did you express it to her?
I told her before but she was in school then and she was trying to focus on her education. When the media put that out she didn’t take it too lightly and that kind of affected the relationship. But me I go go work that work to come tell her back say what’s up girl, can we do it again?

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